Using NeatVerify

1. How can I use NeatVerify to ensure highest possible accuracy of receipt and business card captures with my phone?

When an item is scanned with the Neat mobile app, ensure that NeatVerify is On before clicking Confirm & Upload. The key fields on the photo – including names, addresses, financial totals, and more – are reviewed and verified by the NeatVerify team, then returned within minutes. All of this information is secure and anonymous. The NeatVerify team uses a strict review and approval process to eliminate any errors, providing the highest possible accuracy. Subscribers can decide which images they wish to have verified by NeatVerify. Each item verified uses up one NeatVerify credit. Back to Top blueArrowUp Using NeatVerify

2. How can I buy more NeatVerify credits?

To purchase a higher NeatVerify plan, go to My Account in Neat Cloud Service and scroll down to the NeatVerify heading, then click on Upgrade your Plan. Back to Top blueArrowUp Using NeatVerify

3. Can I purchase NeatVerify credits separately (à la carte)?

At this time, NeatVerify is only offered as a monthly subscription plan. Back to Top blueArrowUp Using NeatVerify

4. Will my NeatVerify credits be used if my image is not readable?

No, if your image cannot be processed by NeatVerify, the item will be sent through standard processing and none of your NeatVerify credits will be used. Back to Top blueArrowUp Using NeatVerify

5. Can you tell me how many credits I have used and how many I have left?

To check your NeatVerify credit balance, simply sign in to Neat Cloud Service and click on My Account. Scroll down to NeatVerify Plan heading to review your credits and plan information. Back to Top blueArrowUp Using NeatVerify


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