NeatConnect FAQ

1. Where can I scan to?

NeatConnect can scan directly to Neat Cloud Service, email, FTP, and other cloud services via Wi-Fi. It can also scan to an SD card, and can scan to a computer when connected via USB. Back to Top blueArrow NeatConnect FAQ

2. How do I access my scans?

You can access your scans with the Neat mobile app for iOS or Android, online at, or with your Neat desktop software. You can also view scanned items on NeatConnect via the Outbox.

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3. What’s the benefit of scanning to Neat Cloud Service or Neat’s desktop software?

Neat classifies everything you scan as either a receipt, contact, or other document, and recognizes specific types of data for each. Our patented Intelligent Text Recognition technology extracts totals from receipts, transforms business cards into digital contacts, and makes every word of every document easily searchable. You can quickly create reports from your scanned information in Neat, or export your data to Excel®, TurboTax®, and other popular software. Back to Top blueArrow NeatConnect FAQ

4. What’s the Outbox?

The Outbox is where NeatConnect keeps the items you scan while it sends them to your selected destinations. It also serves as a log of scanned items that you can access at any time. Back to Top blueArrow NeatConnect FAQ

5. Can I lock my NeatConnect scanner?

Yes – you can set up a numeric passcode lock through the settings menu on your device. Back to Top blueArrow NeatConnect FAQ

6. How do I update my NeatConnect firmware?

When new firmware is available, you’ll receive a notification on NeatConnect. Follow the instructions on this popup to stay up to date. Back to Top blueArrow NeatConnect FAQ

7. What can I do with my Neat desktop software?

You can digitally organize all your important files, find any item with a simple keyword search, quickly create expense reports, and easily export information to third-party software such as TurboTax® or Excel®. Back to Top blueArrow NeatConnect FAQ

8. How do I sync my files with Neat Cloud Service?

Syncing with the cloud is automatic – when you install Neat for your computer, Sync is on by default. Anything you have in Neat Cloud Service will be downloaded to your computer, and any files in your Neat software will be uploaded to the cloud. Back to Top blueArrow NeatConnect FAQ

9. If I already have Neat, do I need to install the software that comes with NeatConnect?

NeatConnect requires the latest version of our software. If you already have Neat on your computer, simply check for updates under the Help menu on PC or the Neat menu on Mac. Back to Top blueArrow NeatConnect FAQ


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