Video: Data Migration

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See how taking a few moments to prepare your PC will help you get the most out of your new Neat 5 software for PC upgrade.

To get you up and running quickly on Neat 5 software for PC, we’ve created tools and resources that make upgrading to Neat 5 and migrating your data straightforward and hassle-free.

Please keep in mind as you are upgrading from an earlier version of Neat software that:

  • The amount of time it takes to upgrade to Neat 5 will depend on the size of the Neat database you are upgrading from.
  • In NeatWorks version 4 and earlier, you named and defined your folders using various fields such as Folder Name, Folder Label, or Folder Type. The values you used for these fields will be used to organize your folders in Neat 5.
  • During the upgrade and data migration process, three first-level folders will be created for you, named Migrated Receipts, Migrated Contacts, and Migrated Documents.
  • To minimize duplicate folder names, you should make sure that “Folder Type” and “Folder Name” values are set and are unique within any given “Folder Type." If you do not have values for these fields – or if you do not have unique Folder Names for each Folder Type – we strongly recommend that you make these changes before proceeding with the upgrade.
  • The system allows duplicate folder names as a result of migration, but it will block the creation of duplicate folder names moving forward. You’ll want to change any duplicate names to avoid confusion.
  • Contacts you maintained in NeatWorks v4 or earlier will all appear in the folder named “Migrated Contacts."
  • Plus any metadata used for folders in NeatWorks version 4 or earlier – like “Project” or “Client” – will be viewable by hovering over the folder with the mouse, or when editing the folder.

We hope the Neat 5 upgrade process goes smoothly for you. Please let us know if we can help you with this process in any way. And once you’ve upgraded, be sure to go through the rest of this site to learn how to take full advantage of all the great new features in Neat 5.


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