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Introducing Neat 5 software for PC. It's our fastest, smartest… neatest software yet. And whether you run a business or a household, Neat 5 helps you get organized and reduce all the paper clutter in your life.

Neat 5 software for PC helps you manage personal or business-critical information better by transforming your receipts, business cards, documents – all your paperwork – into organized digital files. Our unique software reads your information, stores it, and makes it easy to use and share, saving you time and effort that you can spend on the things you really care about.

And it couldn’t be simpler. Just pop your paper into a NeatDesk® or NeatReceipts® scanner, and Neat 5 software does the rest. Our patented OCR technology reads and extracts key information from your receipts or business cards – even Aunt Sophie’s cheesecake recipe – and auto-populates fields, so you don’t have to enter anything manually.

Neat 5 is the ultimate digital filing cabinet thanks to the new features and enhancements we’ve added based on feedback from customers:

  • A new, intuitive folder structure makes it simpler to move and organize things the way you like.
  • Smart Filters let you see recently added or unreviewed items faster.
  • Three different view options let you see your information the way you want.
  • The new Reporting Wizard lets you quickly create expense, tax or spending reports
  • Plus you can import PDFs and print web receipts and digital documents directly to Neat; and export data to Quicken and QuickBooks with a few clicks.

With Neat 5 you spend less time on the mundane and more time on what matters most to you. Which is the way things should be: After all, you shouldn’t have to work to use your information; it should work for you. And now it can. With Neat 5.


Cloud + Mobile + Desktop
One ecosystem for all your important information – on your desktop, in the cloud, and with mobile.

Neat transforms your digital and paper documents into useful, organized information. Our integrated system of software, hardware, cloud service, and mobile app makes it easy to acquire, search, share, and access your most important information - anywhere, anytime.

Organize your information, simplify your life.