Video: Sync To Outlook

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One of the greatest benefits of Neat 5 for PC is its ability to harness the power of your contact list.

One of the most useful features of new Neat 5 software for PC is its ability to sync contacts with Microsoft Outlook®.

To sync your contacts, you first have to configure how you want them to be synchronized. To do this, choose Sync with Outlook Configuration from the Settings menu, then make a selection under the Direction of Sync heading depending on how you want to synchronize your contacts.

Now, under the Contacts to Sync heading, specify which contacts will be synchronized. Then click Save. Neat 5 will remember these settings, so if you always want to synchronize the same way, you won’t have to configure the sync again.

Next, choose Sync with Outlook from the Tools menu. A progress bar displays where you are in the process. The greater the number of contacts to be synchronized, the longer the process.

If new contacts will be created in Neat 5 because of the synchronization, a dialog box will prompt you to choose – or to create – a folder where the new contacts will be stored. Select the folder and then OK.

When the synchronization is finished, the Outlook Sync Completed dialog box opens. Click OK.

So there it is – a quick and easy way to sync your contacts between Neat 5 and Outlook – without the paper or the headache.


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