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Neat Makes Bookkeeping Easy

Scan, snap, or email receipts and invoices into Neat to automatically categorize expenses, create reports, and send data to your accounting software.

  • Easy Reporting: Automatically categorize expenses, create reports and manage finances.
  • Bank-level Security: Protect your information with bank-level 256-bit data encryption.
  • Simple Integration: With popular accounting software like QuickBooks, Contact Management Software (Google, Outlook), Excel, and many more.
  • Get Organized: Quickly create, filter and search your information and files.

How Does Neat Work?

Neat is an easy-to-use expense tracking application that uses our patented InDocument Identification Technology™ to recognize and capture important information from scanned documents.

Neat quickly captures information like vendor, date, amount, tax, and payment type. Then it organizes that information so that you can quickly create expense reports and send data to your accountant or accounting software.

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