About Neat

The Neat Story

From software to hardware and back again

Neat is an incredibly unique story in the tech space.  The company, which began offering a desktop expense tool became the first vendor to develop a fully integrated software/hardware bundle.  Neat software, coupled with the family of Neat Scanners was a first in the industry.  Neat grew to support nearly 2 million consumers and businesses by helping homeowners with organization and small business with expense and document management.

Today Neat focuses exclusively on developing powerful yet cost effective tools for small business that help with expense management, automated bookkeeping and document organization.  Neat is proud of its unique history and continues to innovate in the market.  We proudly support over 100,000 small businesses throughout North America and continue to grow and expand.

2002 -The Neat Company is Founded in Philadelphia

The Neat Company is founded as a desktop software application designed to managed expenses and documents.

2004 - Neat launches its first product

Neat launches NeatReceipts sheet-fed scanner with bundled desktop software for managing and organizing scanned documents

2007 - Neat Launches first Desktop Scanner

Neat launches NeatDesk, its first ADF desktop scanner with bundled desktop software.

2012 - Neat Launches NeatCloud

Neat releases the first version of its cloud-based SaaS application, NeatCloud for storing and organizing digitized documents.

2014 - Neat launches WiFi Scanner

Neat adds to its growing portfolio by releasing its first WiFi-enabled scanner

2015 - Neat Sunsets Desktop Software

Neat sunsets it’s traditional desktop software app to focus future development efforts on cloud/SaaS application

2016 - Neat Moves out of Scanner Market

Neat de-couples its software from hardware and officially ceases manufacture and sales of new scanners.  Company focus is solely on Cloud and Mobile Apps

2017 - Neat focuses on automated bookkeeping

With exit from hardware & desktop complete, Neat now focused exclusively on developing automated bookkeeping solutions in a SaaS and Mobile framework