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How a Bookkeeping App Lets You Complete Bookkeeping Tasks in Minutes, Not Hours

As a small business owner, you’re starved for time. Seventy percent of small business owners say they’re even too busy to eat during the day. One significant time- (and lunch-) [...]

Inefficient Bookkeeping is Costing Your Small Business: Here’s How to Improve

40% of small business owners spend 80 hours on tax preparation/bookkeeping tasks each year — from manually entering transaction data into a spreadsheet to determining how to categorize transactions. The [...]

Why Business Owners are Moving Away from Outsourced Bookkeeping (& You Should Too)

Traditional bookkeeping isn’t a task that small-business owners are exactly thrilled to complete in-house. But only 14% of small and midsize businesses (SMBs) fully outsource bookkeeping. Why? Ultimately, despite the [...]

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