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How Much Is Expense Report Fraud Costing Your Business?

2019-07-17T13:39:14-04:00May 15th, 2019|Accounting, Accounting Practice Management, Bookkeeping, General Small Business, Legal, Uncategorized|

Even with strong policies in place and regular auditing, fraud can still occur. However, keeping accurate records can help you identify offenders and lower the risk of long-running expense schemes occurring at your organization.

Independent’s guide to the 20 percent pass through deduction

2019-07-17T14:46:04-04:00February 28th, 2019|Accounting, General Small Business, Taxes|

As an independent, freelancer or 1099-er you may have been keeping a close watch on tax time this year as there are some significant changes to business tax code that could put extra money in your hands this year. If you can’t implement these tips this year, make sure you use them going forward so you can maximize the pass-through deduction in future tax years.

Quickbooks study finds small businesses concerned over Wayfair Decision on sales tax

2019-09-18T09:31:52-04:00February 14th, 2019|General Small Business, Taxes|

In June 21, 2018 the Supreme Court ruled against quickbooks regarding internet companies paying state sales tax. This is known as the Wayfair decision. At the end of the day, it’s clear that business owners consider sales tax be much more complex than they would like.