In a former life, I was the proud owner of a small, mobile locksmith company. At the time, I was fairly young and honestly, not quite adept at managing the daily expenses I incurred. It proved tedious, and at points, down-right impossible to keep track of all my receipts…especially from my (almost) daily Home Depot runs. A lock here, a hinge there, a new drill; I had receipts strung about my entire work van! Today most major supply stores offer the ability to direct email the receipt from the point of sale or contractor desk.  No need to waste paper and keep track of those long, cumbersome receipts – My van could’ve been spotless!

Although, even with this handy feature, I’m forced to ask myself, where would I have emailed them to? To my random junk Email address? To my business email where clients emailed me? I wonder if it would’ve turned into just another version of my cluttered work-van when I had to find that one darn receipt I desperately needed to find…

But, what if I could somehow couple the point of sale email receipt/invoice soolution with a digital filing cabinet of sorts? Looking back, all I needed was the perfect solution to merge the two ideas. That’s where Neat comes in.  One of the intersting features of Neat is the email-in feature.   Basically Neat creates a dedicated email for all users that is a direct conduit into the application via an email address.  Most commonly used for receipts at the point of sale, email-in bypasses paper altogether and allows a contractor…or any business person…to register their Neat eamail with a vendor.  Any receipts, invoices…etc are automatically routed to Neat, parsed by our ID2 (in-document identification) technology and filed in the Neat cloud applicaiton.

Though I’ve moved on to greener pastures, I still find myself wandering into a Home Depot from time to time. (much to my wife’s dismay) Even though the business is long since closed, their handy feature coupled with Neat is just as useful now as it could’ve been back then.