Looking Forward in the New Year

January 7, 2019
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The Neat team has had many adventures over the past year. We got married, did water stuff, and met awesome people. And we worked very hard.

Over the past several years, Neat has transitioned from producing scanning hardware to leadership in the small-business software space. We’re very proud of the solutions we are now able to offer our subscribers, and couldn’t be more excited to take yet another big step.

In 2019, we’re looking forward to something really great – a new Neat experience. We’re refreshing the Neat interface and adding new features and functions to address the needs of our subscribers. We’ve made so many improvements that we consider this a whole new version of Neat. What can you expect?

Your Neat

We’re revamping the Neat interface and adding a dashboard, so you’ll have an even easier time working with your documents and data.

Your Data

We’ve allowed for new file-type exports, so you can download data in the format that’s most useful to you. We’re also making reporting much more robust – adding spending, sales tax, and tax category reporting, as well as a new reports wizard to add a whole new level of customization and control to your reporting.

From Your Team

Jeff Price, VP, Product Management
“The release of our new and improved web application is incredibly exciting for us as it represents the next step in Neat’s evolution. We’ve proudly served small businesses for nearly 15 years, from selling scanners to introducing the first smart organization system to becoming a leading expense management platform. We’re going to build on this heritage by introducing online functionality to further automate bookkeeping and accounting tasks while providing users with the intelligence and insights their business needs to become more productive and profitable. Neat has big things in store and this release represents the first of many significant enhancements we expect to deliver in 2019!”

Bobby Lalvani, Customer Success Manager
“Honestly, the way our individual teams have come to together to bring v2 of Neat to fruition has been an absolute honor to be a part of. From Product’s vision, to Development’s sleepless nights to the synergy of the UX and CX team, the effort everyone’s put forth has been nothing short of inspiring. I’m just so excited for all the great things to come in 2019 and, most importantly, to work with such amazing teams to help make Neat all that it can be.”

We’ll keep you posted on the Neat. We’re very excited to keep working for you in 2019.

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