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Combining a fast, high-quality Ambir scanner with Neat provides the ultimate small business
solution for document management, expense reporting, business workflows and more!

Enjoy the Many Features of Neat

  • Quickly categorize and organize all documents safely and securely
  • Parse all information to become keyword searchable
  • Scan directly to specified folders to easily increase organization
  • Aggregate your receipts and submit expense reports
  • Scan directly to industry-standard PDF format through included AmbirScan image acquisition software
  • Can be utilized in many different environments due to durability and reliability
  • Easily handle paperwork, receipts, IDs, and insurance cards to ensure your work gets done quickly
  • Auto-continue ability handles bulk scanning tasks meaning piles of documents or cards scan easily

Neat Certified Scanners

ambir-DS820ix ImageScan Pro DS820ix
ambir-PS600 TravelScan Pro PS600
ambir-490i ImageScan Pro 490i
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