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Using a high-speed, image-optimizing Panasonic scanner to capture crisp, clean scans and then relying on Neat to automatically extract, sort and categorize all the data from the scan provides the ultimate small business solution for document management, expense reporting, business workflows and more!

Enjoy the Many Features of Neat

  • Eliminate data entry and easily categorize all documents
  • Scan directly to Neat’s sophisticated folder structure
  • Manage invoices and receipts to efficiently track expenses
  • Create expense reports and spending summaries within Neat
  • Send data to popular business software like QuickBooks® and Excel®
  • Edit your Neat files from anywhere via web, mobile, or desktop
  • Protect your information with our bank-level data encryption
  • Scans directly into the Neat Scanner utility

Neat Certified Scanners

KV-S1015C-NT KV-S1015C-NT
KV-S1026C-NT KV-S1026C-NT
KV-S1027C-NT KV-S1027C-NT
KV-S1057C-NT KV-S1057C-NT
KV-S1065C-NT KV-S1065C-NT
KV-S1046C-NT KV-S1046C-NT
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