Neat software is jam-packed with features designed to make you more productive, eliminate time-consuming bookkeeping tasks and protect your business against IRS audits come tax time.  We provide the most features relative to price of any solution in our industry.  Explore the powerful yet cost effective features of Neat below.

Multi Account Access

Access manage and work on multiple instances of Neat from a single dashboard

Mileage Tracking

Neat Software offers complete mileage entry and tracking including expense reporting

Scan Documents Into Neat

Scan your receipts, invoices, business cards, and other documents into Neat!


Collaborate with other by sharing comments, files, and folders without the need for bulky email attachments

Mobile Receipt Scanning

The Neat app transforms your device's camera into a powerful smart scanner that's always at your side, making it easy to stay organized

Document Import

Simply drag and drop any PDF or image files and Neat automatically detects and extracts key information from your files

Email In

Forward emails and attached files directly to your Neat account!


Arrange your files any way you want with Neat's adaptable folder structure


We are committed to security and employ ironclad safeguarding tactics to keep your information protected and safe

Everywhere Access

You'll always have access to your documents in Neat, whether via mobile app, desktop application, or web browser

InDocument Identification

Our patented InDocument Identification Technology™ transforms the words and numbers on your page into useful, usable data


NeatVerify is an optional service that ensures 99% accuracy for the key data automatically extracted from receipts and business cards


Every word of every document you capture and put into Neat is keyword-searchable - so you can find anything quickly

Expenses & Reporting

It's easy to keep up with your finances with the help of Neat

Manage Contacts

Neat lets you turn that towering stack of cards on your desk into an organized and efficient digital contact system

Email Marketing Integration

Streamline email campaigns by sending contacts in Neat to Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, and MailChimp