Features & Benefits

Transform your office into a more productive and efficient workspace Manage receipts and invoices efficiently Organize, access, and add to Neat from virtually anywhere Eliminate paper clutter and transform your documents into useful, usable data

Your Neat account includes:

  • Access to Neat desktop app, mobile app and web app
  • Unlimited captures with Indocument Identification Technology™
  • Automatic backup of your documents with no storage limit
  • Bank-level security (256-bit SSL encryption)
  • Integrations with popular business and accounting software

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Getting Your Items Into Neat


Use any Neat or third-party scanning device Snap a picture using the Neat mobile app from any iOS or Android phone Email in e-receipts and other digital documents Import PDFs or other files from your computer
No matter how you enter an item in Neat, it'll undergo our patented OCR-engine, InDocument Identification Technology™, and automatically populate the document fields.

What Neat Does


With the magic of Neat's InDocument Identification Technology (ID2), there's no need to enter data by hand. ID2 recognizes the item type you scan and automatically parses the important information. Neat then makes it easy to create reports, export data to other programs, and get more out of your files.


Neat instantly captures information like Vendor, Date, Amount, and Payment Type.


Neat converts data into usable information on invoices, such as vendor, payment terms, PO number and more.


Neat runs Intelligent Text Recognition on every word of every document, so you can keyword search anything.


Neat transforms business cards into digital contacts, instantly recognizing all of the contact information.

What You Can Do With Neat


Once an item's in Neat, you can create expense reports, share files, export data to other programs, add and edit metadata, and more. We let you automate and expedite your workflow, so you can spend less time dealing with mundane tasks and more time doing what really matters.
Turn receipts into expense reports in seconds Easily send information to Excel, QuickBooks®, and more Quickly share files or folders with anyone

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