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Neat 5.4 Installation Guide

To download the latest version, please visit to download Neat 5.4 for PC. Once you click Download Neat for PC, you will be asked to either sign in as an existing user or to create your Neat account. Once you have created or signed into your account, your software download will begin.


Google Chrome Download:

From within Google Chrome, click on the file name in the bottom left corner of the screen to run the installer.

Internet Explorer Download:


From within Internet Explorer, click the Save button at the bottom of at the bottom of the screen. Once the file has been saved, an option to run the downloaded file will appear.

Mozilla Firefox Download:



Once the file has been downloaded, you can press CTRL + J to bring up the Downloads window from within your web browser. Double-click on the file called “Neat_v5.4.1.273_FULL.sfx.exe” to begin running the installer.

On the Neat Installation Extractor Window, there will be a default location to extract the components of the software. The default location will be C:Program FilesCommon FilesThe Neat CompanyNeatSetup (C:Program Files (x86Common FilesThe Neat CompanyNeatSetup on 64-bit machines.) Click the Extract button to continue.

NOTE:: Both the Neat software and Neat database must be on the local hard drive (not an external or network drive) in order to  work properly.  

To begin installing the software, click Next.

If you have any security programs (i.e. firewalls, anti-virus programs, etc.) disable them at this time. Also disable any automatic backup software (i.e.  Carbonite, SugarSync, etc.) and disconnect any external USB hard drives or flash drives.

All users must accept the license agreement in order to continue with installation.

The default location for installation will be C:Program FilesNeat (C:Program Files (x86)Neat for 64-bit operating systems).

The software installer will check for any previous components before installing the components to run Neat 5.4 for PC.

Once the Neat software installer has installed of  its components, a reboot of the machine is required in order to successfully complete installation. There is an available option to reboot now or reboot later.

Upon launching Neat for the first time you will be prompted to enter the email address associated with your Neat account.

Once the software has been successfully activated, you will be prompted to create your cabinet and to select the location for your cabinet.

NOTE: Both the Neat software and Neat database must be on the local hard drive (not an external or network drive) in order to  work properly.  

After setting up the cabinet and choosing the location, the Neat software is ready to use.

For assistance in getting started with Neat, please see the Neat Help Center article below:
Getting Started with Neat for PC

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