How Neat Works

Neat improves productivity and saves time


Many ways to get things into Neat

There are several ways to capture information with Neat that can optimize your daily workflow and save you time: 

  • Our unique desktop utility allows you to import documents or use almost any device to scan directly into Neat. 
  • Neat mobile app puts the power of Neat in your hand anywhere or anytime… you can submit receipts on the go and never misplace one again! 
  • Neat also provides you with a personalized email address to eliminate the shuffle of paper invoices between you and your vendors- simply have them email it directly into Neat!

Organize / search and make use of your data

Now all of your important documents are securely stored and organized in Neat. As documents are captured, Neat’s patented ID2 (In document Identification) technology automatically categorizes your documents and converts information into data you can use.

  • Neat’s flexible folder structure allows you to arrange and organize your files to fit your needs.
  • Every document is now easily searchable and can be accessed from any device.
  • All of your expenses are categorized, stored and easily available at tax time.
  • ID2 extracts key information of receipts and invoices into usable data to provide you real-time reporting and reduce manual data-entry into other applications.
  • Neat’s optional NeatVerify service provides human verification when accuracy is of the utmost importance

Analyze and gain visibility into your data

Gain visibility into your business Instantly track and organize expenses in one place. Having real-time visibility to your spending greatly reduces risk and provides you clear insights to where your money is going. You can also assign the appropriate tax category to each expense, making reporting and filing a breeze!

  • Expense Reporting – Save time tracking your receipts, and quickly and easily get reimbursed
  • Spend Reporting – Track and report spending by the customizable levels you run your business by (client, project, category, etc.)
  • Tax Reporting – Track all necessary levels of sales and income taxes for easy filing and reporting, and maximize your deductions with our schedule-level categorizations

Integrate and share

Seamlessly integrate with popular accounting software, tax preparation software and other productivity applications to enhance the performance of your small business. You can also collaborate and share documents and folders with co-workers or employees as well as provide account access to your accountant or bookkeeper.

  • Save time by reducing manual data entry into your accounting software
  • Share tax reports with your accountant or directly integrate into tax preparation software
  • Streamline getting important information to your accountant, bookkeeper or tax professional by sharing access to your Neat account

A broad set of features


"Our company started using Neat to scan and digitize our company receipts. Since using Neat, we've been able to not only create folders for all of our expenses, but also keep track of what is taxable, the categories they should be flagged in, and create easy to read reports for our accountant. Neat has made us the best bookkeeper!"
Michael Coleman
- Co-owner of Old Pimp Daddy Beard Company -