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TOP 10 FAQ's
Transform your home office into a more productive and efficient work space with Neat for HP. Neat unlocks data from your scanned documents, receipts, and contacts with the magic of Neat's InDocument Identification technology (ID2). ID2 recognizes the type of item you scan and knows what's important for that item type. Neat then makes it easy to create reports, export data to other programs, and get more out of your files.

With Neat's cloud service you can also:
  • Instantly sync all of your Neat files across multiple devices
  • Automatically back up and protect all of your Neat files
  • View your Neat files from any Internet browser, from any computer
  • E-mail documents directly into your Neat account
  • Share individual files or folders with anyone you choose - the person you share with will be able to view and comment on the documents you share
  • Have accounts with multiple users - two or more people can use the same account
  • To access your files, go to cloud.neat.com. You'll be asked to sign in with your username and password. Use your HP Connected account info to sign in to Neat.
    With Neat for HP you can use Neat's InDocument Identification (ID2) technology on 45 individual pages each month. You can scan and store as many pages as you want in Neat, and each month you'll be able to run ID2 on 45 more items, including anything you've previously sent to Neat. . If you would like to upgrade to Neat's premium cloud service, please call us at 866-396-5439.
    To ensure that your data remains safe, the cloud resides on a secure, or encrypted website. To provide this security, Neat uses an encryption technology called Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for data transmission of all of your information, including user IDs, passwords and account information. Neat also encrypts the files that you store on Cloud using one of the strongest block ciphers available, the 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256), which is the same encryption standard banks use to secure customer data.
    There is no storage limit for the amount of data that can be stored on Neat's cloud. Neat users are allowed to store as much information as they choose on Neat's cloud.
    The Neat cloud service does not have a storage limit. Neat cloud also offers parsing of all your scanned files and allows you to tag and easily search for your files. You can also easily create expense reports from your documents stored in Neat's cloud.
    Data from Neat cloud can be exported into CSV, TXF, and QIF files.
    The Neat mobile app turns your smartphone or tablet into a handy scanner and puts your Digital Filing System in your pocket, giving you access to all your scanned data.

    You can follow the links below to get to the online store for either iOS or Android devices to check out the Apps.

    MAC iOS: Click Here
    PC Android: Click Here
    The Neat mobile app allows you to seamlessly scan and upload your receipts, business cards, and documents directly to the cloud. You can choose a location and item type for simple organization.

    1. Select Scan from the Home Screen or the Side Panel Menu

    2. Choose the item type at the bottom, and take a picture of your receipt, document, or business card. The app will then show you an image preview and allow you retake the photo if you desire.

    3. Next, you can choose a Destination Folder(the default location is From NeatMobile). You can as well as add notes to the item.

    4. Finally, select "Confirm & Upload" to start uploading the image and data to NeatCloud. You will receive a notification once your item has been successfully processed. This image will now be in the destination folder you chose in the previous step.
    If you forget your password, you can follow the password reset procedure to set a new password going forward. However, in order to reset the password you will need to provide the answer to your security question you set up when you first registered.

    When entering the answer to your security question, it must exactly match the way you answered it when creating your account. In other words, the answer to the security question is case-sensitive and must be entered with the same exact combination of upper and lower case characters as when it was first set up. For this reason you should choose an answer that will not be easy to forget.