Over 10,000 Accountants and Bookkeepers use Neat....Here's Why

Accountants love the fast filing features of Neat as well as the ability to extend Neat out to their clients so they may collaborate in virtually and in real time. With Neat, gone are the days when a client shows up at tax time with a shoebox stuffed full of receipts. We help you or your clients capture financial information from paper documents and transform them into searchable database records that integrate to popular tools used by accountants such as QuickBooks®.

Over 10,000 accountants and bookkeepers use Neat. Here's How.

  • Collaborate with clients and extend Neat access so they may scan, upload or capture expenses.  Learn more about the Neat-Freak Accounting partner program
  • Scan, upload or email-in important financial documents
  • iD2 technology extracts information from paper-based documents and transforms into searchable database fields
  • Works with virtually any scanner
  • Software accessible via PC and Mobile App
  • Seamless integration with apps like QuickBooks
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