Real Estate

Real Estate

Manage expenses, documents and tax time with Neat

Neat provides software for real estate agents that helps them better manage business expenses.  As a real estate professional, you are the backbone of your business and your time is directly related to how productive you can be in showing homes, getting customers and growing your real estate practice.  The more time you have to spend on managing bookkeeping tasks, expenses and documents is less time you spend on acquiring new clients, showing homes and growing your business.  Neat’s software can help alleviate bookkeeping tasks, facilitate collaboration and make you more productive.

Thousands of Real Estate Pros use Neat every day. Here's How.

  • Scan and capture business and job expenses in the field with your mobile phone
  • Eliminate the need to retain and store paper-based expenses
  • Share important documents with customers
  • Streamline tax prep and audit-proof your business
  • Store and manage all critical financial documents in the cloud
  • Integrate financial information with your accounting systems
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