Small Business

Small Business

An intelligent app designed to help you focus on growing your small business

Managing and growing a small business is no small feat.  Every administrative task…and there are many…takes you away from growing your business. Neat reduces the onerous bookkeeping tasks that come with running your small business with our cloud-based software app.  Capture, store and organize business expenses, invoices, receipts and more and manage your spending efficiently.  Come tax time, simply transfer your financial information to your accounting app or accountant and make tax time…less taxing.

Over 100,000 small business use Neat every day. Here's How.

  • Scan and capture business and job expenses in the field with your mobile phone
  • Eliminate the need to retain and store paper-based expenses
  • Share important documents with customers
  • Streamline tax prep and audit-proof your business
  • Store and manage all critical financial documents in the cloud
  • Integrate financial information with accounting software like QuickBooks®
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