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Successful business operations start with accuracy and flexibility

Our best-in-class data capture ensures that your imported data matches your physical documents.

Capture and access receipts, invoices, and statements anywhere

Scan files, capture images on your mobile device, or upload from your computer to your NeatFiles account to access your financial documents anytime, anywhere.

Easily filter and search for documents

Customize your digital file organization. No need to hassle with the clutter of massive paper stacks. Now you can keyword search and filter documents on the fly.

Choose a cost-efficient storage option that fits your needs

Leave your concerns at the door. Whether your business generates a ton of documents each month or only a few, we have solutions that fit your needs.

Feel confident with bank-level data security

Neat protects your information and documents using bank-level security and encryption.

Unlimited support for all your questions

We don’t have robots talk to you, except for our very polite chatbot on our website that connects you to a human. You’ll always have unlimited access to personalized support from a Neat expert at no additional cost.

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