Thank You for Choosing Neat & Panasonic!

Neat Ecosystem
Follow the instructions below to set up Neat with your Panasonic scanner.
Follow the instructions below on your desktop to set up Neat with your Panasonic scanner.
Activate the Neat account
by calling Neat at 855-465-5381 Monday-Friday 9AM-8PM Eastern. You will need your proof of purchase, model and serial number of the Panasonic scanner, and Neat software PIN activation card provided with your scanner
Install the driver for your Panasonic scanner
using your included CD or by downloading your driver at
Connect your Panasonic scanner
to your computer and make sure it is powered on.
Set your Neat account password and security questions
by following the instructions sent to the account user’s email address.
Download and install Neat’s Desktop Software
at Log in as an existing user.
Neat Activation Card
For Neat Software Questions Call:
For Panasonic Scanner Questions Call:
800-PANASYS (800-726-2792)
*NOTE: After the account has been created, the user will see the option to grant access to additional users (4 maximum) on the My Settings page of the web app. The user will also see their one year of business cloud service listed under the Cloud Subscription Plan section on the My Settings page.