Partner With Neat

Give your clients the tools they need to streamline their workflow.

Managed Services Provider

Are you a MSP or IT Provider?

Integrate Neat into your solutions portfolio to grow your customer base and increase your recurring revenue.

  • A low-entry-cost, simple-to-implement solution to your clients
  • Access to partner pricing and volume-based quarterly bonuses
  • Partner tiers with varying levels of training, support, and resources


Do you have a retail or online store?

Join Neat’s reseller program and gain the ability to sell Neat's full line of products in-store or on your website.

  • New products that add value for your customers and your product offering
  • Opportunities to gain new customers and increase current customer sales
  • Margin incentives to help you grow your bottom line


Do you use QuickBooks Online?

Become Neat certified and add even more value to your clients by providing tailored solutions.

  • Certification consists of 3 educational videos and a 40-question exam
  • The chance to gain expertise about Neat and its integration with QuickBooks, and provide an end-to-end accounting solution for your clients
  • Access to partner portal, resource center and dedicated customer support phone number