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Choose the plan that’s right for you based on the number of receipts, bills, invoices and statements you receive over the course of a month.

Pay Monthly
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Pay Annually
Receipt Capture | Track Expenses | Document Organization
Billed annually
Maximum amount of bills, receipts, invoices and statements managed in a month:
  • 1 user
  • Standard Data Processing (80% Accuracy)
  • Unlimited Document Storage
  • QuickBooks Online integration
  • Expense Categorization
  • Customer Support Via Email and Chat

Single System Bookkeeping | Reconciliation | Document Matching
Billed Annually
How many bills, receipts, invoices and statements does your company receive in a month?
  • 5 Users

  • Advanced Data Processing (99% Accuracy)
  • Unlimited Document Storage
  • QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop Integration

  • Complete Reconciliation
  • Bank & Credit Card Streaming
  • Transaction to Document Matching

  • Line Itemization
  • Business Health Insights **Coming Soon

  • Unlimited Customer Support Via Phone, Email and Chat

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What does Neat consider to be a ‘financial document’?2019-10-28T14:40:56-05:00

Financial documents include receipts, bills, invoices, and statements. Free trial users may upload up to 100 financial documents.

Which items impact my document limit?2019-10-08T15:59:36-05:00

 All financial documents (see above). Other items, such as mileage, contacts, general documents/pdfs, and checks will NOT impact your limit.

What if I exceed my monthly/annual document allowance?2019-10-16T15:03:25-05:00

If you are on a monthly plan, you will be billed .50 cents for each document over your limit (up to the next tier amount) Once you hit the next tier amount — which differs per plan — you will need to upgrade to that or a higher tier in order to continue adding documents. For an annual plan, there are no overages. Once you hit your document limit, you will be provided an option to renew your plan early OR switch to a monthly plan. Note, you can always go back to an annual plan at any time.

Does my unused document count rollover?2019-10-16T15:03:36-05:00

 For monthly plans, they do not rollover. The limit (based on your selected volume) will reset at the beginning of each billing month. For an annual plan, however, you’ll have the total amount for the year. In other words, if you’re on a 100 document plan, you’ll have a total of 1200 documents you can add for the year. If you reach that limit, you’ll have two options. (See above Q/A)

What’s the difference between standard and advanced data processing?2019-10-16T15:08:33-05:00

Standard processing is the industry-standard of 80% accuracy for each document that goes through OCR and parsing. Advanced data processing is included in all of Neat’s Complete plans and adds an additional layer of human verification to ensure 99% accurate OCR and parsing of the document. 

Can I change my plan?2019-10-16T15:08:45-05:00

Yes, you can change from a Basic to a Complete plan at any time.

Do you offer a free trial?2019-12-18T10:51:00-05:00

Yes, Neat offers a 15-day free trial. During the 15 days, you will get full access to all Complete product features and can upload up to 100 financial documents.

What payment types are accepted?2020-01-23T15:32:04-05:00

Neat accepts all major credit cards.