InDocument Identification & Your Plan

The Brains Behind the Smart Organization System

InDocument Identification (ID2)

ID2 is Neat's patented technology for reading, understanding, and extracting the important information from your documents. ID2 transforms the words and numbers on your page into useful, usable data. It's exactly what makes the Smart Organization System so smart.
Your current Neat cloud plan offers ID2 processing for a limited number of items each month.

There's no limit on the number of items you can have in Neat, but there is a monthly limit to the number of items that receive the ID2 treatment and have editable data.

Your monthly ID2 limit will reset on the date your plan started - you can find this date, as well as the number of ID2 uses you have available, in the My Account section of your Neat cloud interface.

Benefits of ID2

Our patented InDocument Identification Technology transforms the words and numbers on your page into useful, usable data. With the magic of ID2, there's no need to enter data by hand.


Neat instantly captures information like Vendor, Date, Amount, and Payment Type, making expense reports easy.


Neat transforms business cards into digital contacts, instantly recognizing all of the contact information.


Neat runs ID2 on every word of every document, so you can keyword search anything.
Unprocessed Items Will Appear in the Unprocessed Folder
Neat makes it easy to find items that haven't gone through the ID2 treatment. You can choose to run ID2 on these items when you have ID2 credits available.