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May 20, 2015 ~ Jen Cohen Crompton

Does It Bring You Joy? Tip for Tidying

Recently, the Today Show posted a video about organization and a life-changing way to tidy up your home. With mixed reviews, this video has gone... More »
May 14, 2015 ~ Jen Cohen Crompton

Neatology: Gadget Edition Featuring Brookstone Pocket Projector [VIDEO]

I don’t know about you, but I constantly find myself on-the-go for business and doing everything I can to be prepared for meetings without carrying... More »
May 6, 2015 ~ Jen Cohen Crompton

7 Mantras All Small Business Owners Should Live By

It’s National Small Business Week – a week created by the U.S. Small Business Administration to celebrate American small businesses, their owners, and impact these entrepreneurs have... More »
April 30, 2015 ~ Jen Cohen Crompton

The Surprising Benefit of Decluttering

Decluttering and ridding yourself of unnecessary things can be a cathartic experience and help bring a sense of organization and zen to both your environment... More »
March 9, 2015 ~ Jen Cohen Crompton

Cloud Accounting Basics: Moving Your Small Business Into The Cloud

In a past post, we introduced 10 terms that people commonly use when talking about cloud computing. Hopefully, that information provided some understanding of the advantages that cloud computing... More »
February 24, 2015 ~ Jen Cohen Crompton

10 Signs You Need to Get Neat

Sure, we all think about organization and want to become as organized as possible, but not all of us actually take the time (or have... More »
February 18, 2015 ~ Jen Cohen Crompton

Neatology: App Edition Featuring Yahoo! News Digest, AP And Pocket [VIDEO]

Ever wonder how to keep up the 24-hour news cycle without consuming your entire day perusing apps or searching the Interwebs? Check out these three... More »
February 10, 2015 ~ Jen Cohen Crompton

Neatology: Gadget Edition Featuring Equil Smartpen 2 [VIDEO]

In the spirit of taking what is old and making it new again, I am featuring a fun little gadget that turns the old-fashioned task of writing... More »
February 5, 2015 ~ Jen Cohen Crompton

3 Ways Contractors And Building Professionals Can Use Cloud Technology

The cloud is changing how businesses interact and as the interest in the cloud grows, companies and individuals are adopting this technology to make doing business more... More »
January 21, 2015 ~ Jen Cohen Crompton

Neatology: App Edition Featuring Mynd [VIDEO]

According to an AT&T and Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council survey, “Mobile apps save business owners almost 600 million hours annually, while smartphones and tablets save... More »