Smart Organization
August 25, 2015 ~ Jen Cohen Crompton

National Preparedness Month: Focus on Document Preparedness

It’s September – a month that signifies a change and preparation for the rest of the year, so it’s only natural that this month is... More »
July 1, 2015 ~ Rachel Perry

How I Got Neat: Ditching the Magazine Clutter

Hi, my name is Rachel, and I might be a magazine hoarder. Do they have support groups for that? Every week or month, glossy, inviting... More »
April 23, 2015 ~ Sarah Buckwalter

Create a Digital Filing System to Improve Workplace Productivity

One way to create a more efficient and productive workplace is to create a digital filing system. A digital filing system allows you to organize and... More »
April 22, 2015 ~ Elen Delap

SMB Filing Basics: What You Need To Know

Small business to do’s fill each day and organizing your electronic files is often on the back burner. It’s tempting to save your work on... More »
March 10, 2015 ~ Jen Cohen Crompton

Celebrate Organize Your Home Office Day By Getting Neat

Did you know that today, March 10th, is “Organize Your Home Office Day?” We didn’t either, but it is and we want wanted to bring... More »
February 19, 2015 ~ Denise Caron Quinn

Office Organization: Filing Basics [Part One]

When office personnel were asked which task they dislike the most, filing came in as their number one least favorite chore. While filing may not... More »
February 6, 2015 ~ mthomas

Getting to What Matters

You may have noticed us throwing around the phrase “get to what matters” a lot recently. It’s our new motto, and as far as corporate... More »
January 24, 2015 ~ Kim Oser

The Importance Of Organizing End of Life Documents

It is a topic we don’t like to talk about, but the conversation is so important. What are your wishes should you no longer able to... More »
January 19, 2015 ~ Sarah Buckwalter

Manage Your STUFF: Get Organized in 2015

Do you dream of getting organized this year? What about your other 2015 New Year’s Resolutions? Even if getting organized in 2015 is not on... More »
November 12, 2014 ~ Jen Cohen Crompton

10 Smart Organization Tips

Using outdated tools or suffering from digital clutter can make it hard to optimize time on the job – and small business owners know that... More »