Tax Tips
January 31, 2017 ~ Jen Cohen Crompton

Tax Prep: The 3 Most Important Things Small Businesses Need to Do Now

Tax season is here. While it isn’t quite crunch time, it is time to start prepping and get everything in order. A good way to... More »
February 10, 2016 ~ Jen Cohen Crompton

How To Make Tax Time Not So Taxing For SMBs

It’s tax time. No really, it is. Even though taxes and filing aren’t required until April, there is no better time than now (actually, a... More »
March 12, 2015 ~ mthomas

Tax Time with Neat

It’s that time of the year again, when I realize that my taxes are due way too soon and I have done almost nothing to... More »
February 4, 2015 ~ Nicole Odeh

Tips For 2014 Taxes And What You Need To Know About 2015 Taxes (Part Two)

Remember Joe from our last post? Now that he knows some basics he is ready to go to his accountant, right? Well, maybe! Tax season... More »
January 13, 2015 ~ Nicole Odeh

Tips For 2014 Taxes And What You Need To Know About 2015 Taxes (Part One)

The holidays are over, you spent more than intended (as always), weight loss resolutions have been made (and possibly already broken), and you want your... More »
December 2, 2014 ~ Carrie Smith

Prepare Your Business For Tax Season: 5 Financial Moves

As an entrepreneur, the responsibility of taxes and other financials falls squarely on your shoulders. This responsibility is one of the aspects of running a business... More »
November 21, 2014 ~ Nicole Odeh

Smart Saving: Tax-Free Saving For College

With the rising costs of a college education, the need to set money aside for education weighs heavily on parents, especially in a time when... More »
August 15, 2014 ~ Dan Franks

Are Podcasting Expenses Tax Deductible?

This topic came to me by way of my podcasting co-host, Joe Cassandra. He sent me a text one morning asking, “Are our podcasting expenses... More »
December 17, 2013 ~ mthomas

Breeze Through Tax Season with NeatConnect

It’s never too early to start preparing for tax season. However, many small businesses cringe at the thought of preparing their taxes and wait until... More »