Easily share files, folders and accounts with your employees, bookkeeper or accountant with document collaboration from Neat

Neat enables you to collaborate and share documents and folders with co-workers or employees as well as provide account access to your accountant or bookkeeper.  Neat’s versatile document collaboration system enables you to centralize your records, streamline employee expense reporting and share important information with your accountant or bookkeeper.  No more dropping off shoeboxes full of receipts!

Key Features Include

  • Share read-only access to files and folders
  • Track comments between multiple users
  • Share full access with accountants and bookkeepers

No More Shoeboxes

The days of showing up at your accountant or bookkeeper’s offices a few times a year with a box, bag or handful of receipts and invoices are over.  When used properly, Neat will capture, organize, file and store all key financial documents that are used by your bookkeeper and/or accountant.  Folder sharing and collaboration make transferring large volumes of information a snap.


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