Document Retention and Organization

All of your important documents securely stored and accessible when you need them

Having all of your important financial information consolidated and securely stored in one place provides peace of mind.  Staying organized and keeping track of invoices, receipts, and other day-to-day documents is key to a successful business. Neat takes the manual data entry out of your workflow and keeps all your important documents in one easily accessible location. Every document is a keyword search away and accessible from any device.

Key Features Include

  • Secure Cloud Storage – Bank-level cloud storage on AWS
  • OCR & Keyword Search – Every word on every document is searchable
  • Remote access – Accessibility from any web browser or mobile phone (iOS & Android)
  • Auto-Categorize – Receipts, Bills, Invoices, Statements, Checks are automatically categorized.

Audit and Disaster Proof your Small Business

No more missed expenses with lost receipts or late fees due to misplaced bills. Having your business organized protects you in case of audits and natural disasters and makes tax time a breeze.

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