Construction workers are often on the road, traveling to and from job sites and accumulating a paper trail of documents along the way - contracts, business cards, purchase receipts, and more.

A Growing Concern

Paper can pile up - fast - and important documents can easily become crumpled, dirty, or misplaced if they're not filed right away. For busy construction professionals on the go, this can lead to lost income and lost productivity.

But, There's A Better Way

Using Neat's Smart Organization System can help your construction business become a streamlined, productive success - instead of an unorganized, cluttered mess.

Secure & Accessible

Read the white paper above to see why 78% of construction and building professionals said that they would benefit from using a Smart Organization System like Neat to securely store and access important information.

Building a Neater Office

Neat is built to help you save time, work smarter, and get to what matters. Here are some of the features that contractors and other construction professionals can benefit from on a daily basis.

Never Lose An Important Document

Everything you add to Neat is stored, securely backed up, and saved on our powerful cloud servers, where it's kept safe by bank-level encryption. That means every single document, receipt, invoice, and contract is safe and secure even if you lose the originals.

Automatic Data Entry

Neat's InDocument Identification Technology™, also known as ID2, handles data entry for you by automatically pulling key information from your documents. This includes vendors, totals, and taxes from receipts, as well as names and contact information from business cards.

One Place for All Your Files

Neat isn't just for paper documents. It's also the perfect place for electronic items like important CAD/CAM files, photos, blueprints, emails, or PDF documents. No matter the type of document, if it's important, it belongs in Neat.

Organized Your Way

Build your files and folders in Neat any way you choose. Create folders and subfolders to organize client contracts, invoices, contact information, records, receipts, and everything else just the way you want. Share folders with others to foster collaboration that can happen anytime, from anywhere.