Insurance agents love Neat because our Smart Organization System keeps them ready for anything, at a moment's notice. In order to help their clients efficiently, they need to keep their important data at their fingertips at all times. Neat allows insurance professionals to stay organized, improve customer service, and reduce processing costs.

Portfolios For Clients

Neat's flexible folder structure makes it easy to create folders for each of your clients, so you can keep all of their important documentation in one place. Each folder can tell a particular client’s story, with all their relevant information within reach.

The Way You Want It

The items you keep in Neat can be organized any way you see fit. If you want all of your policies in one folder, for example, that’s easy to set up. Build your folder structure in the way that works best for you.

Be More Efficient

When you know where all your important files are, when you can send data directly from receipts to expense reports, when you never have to worry about losing your important documents—that's when you’re at your best. Neat helps you make that happen.

Cover Your Bases

Juggling a large number of clients and their diverse needs is part of the insurance profession. Neat helps you keep policies, claims, and other data organized and easily accessible so you can focus on working efficiently and growing your business.

Find Anything Fast

Client relationships are especially important in the insurance industry, and nothing dissolves trust faster than a misplaced personal file. Neat makes every document keyword-searchable, so you can find anything quickly. You'll also have peace of mind knowing that a lost or broken computer will never lead to lost files.

Multiple Ways To Import

It's fast and easy to get your items into Neat! Snap a photo with the Neat mobile app, email documents to your @neatcloud address, import files, or scan with your Neat scanner or nearly any scanning device. From PDF contracts and policies to JPEG graphics (and everything in between), Neat has you covered.

Reliable Security

When your documents are in Neat, they're not only synchronized between your various devices, they're also securely backed up on our servers. We also use bank-level encryption technology to ensure that your data stays safe at all times.

Expenses & Reporting

Easily track and manage your expenses and create reports so you can see how efficiently your business is operating. Neat also makes tax time a breeze by enabling you to assign the appropriate tax category to applicable expenses throughout the year.