The Neat Smart Organization System is the perfect tool to help lawyers and legal firms get organized, easily collaborate, and securely digitize and manage documents like invoices, court forms, and contracts. With Neat’s powerful scanners and software, you’ll have an easy way to organize your important data, work more efficiently, and reduce operating costs.

Work Smarter

Neat takes the monotony and grunt work out of daily tasks, helping to prevent mistakes and oversights. Plus, you'll be able to find any case within seconds, thanks to Neat's powerful keyword search capabilities.

Lower Operating Costs

Transferring client payment information, court forms, and contracts into a digital format not only makes it easier to find your important documents, it also saves your firm money by lowering overhead costs.

Comprehensive Solution

Neat is your one-stop shop for efficient document and expense management. Easily store, organize, and use all of your important receipts, invoices, business cards, and other documents.

Your Partner In Organization

Neat is built to help you save time, work smarter, and get to what matters. Here are some of the features that lawyers, judges, and other legal professionals find most useful.

Automatic Data Entry

At the heart of Neat is InDocument Identification Technology™, also known as ID2™, which automatically reads and extracts the key information from your documents. Vendors, totals, tax, and more are pulled from receipts, virtually eliminating manual data entry.

Be Neat Your Way

The fully customizable folder structure of the Neat Smart Organization System lets you build your files and folders in a way that works for you. This means you can create a folder for each case you're working on, with subfolders for briefs, pleadings, and other important information. Then, share files and folders with other members of your team for easy collaboration.

Find Anything Fast

Every word of every document you put in Neat becomes completely keyword-searchable, so you'll never have to waste time sifting through your documents. Also, you can tag your documents with a project ID so it's fast and easy to locate all data related to a specific case.

Easily Capture Your Documents

You don't need to have a scanner to use Neat's powerful software. Snap a photo of a receipt with your phone, import PDFs, or send emails and attachments right to your Neat account. This lets you keep all of your important files in one place!