Real Estate

Real estate agents love how Neat creates a more efficient digital workflow. Organize files, access them anywhere, and send them to your clients with ease. No filing cabinets required.

Digitize Your Documents

Many real estate agents use both digital and paper documents every day - contracts, listings, and more! With Neat, you can keep everything organized in one place. Forward digital files via email or import them from your computer, and scan in paper documents or simply snap a photo with your phone.

Keep Organized

Neat lets you keep all of your contacts and files in one organized database. You’ll never waste time looking for the right name or number again.

Save Time and Money

A digitized workflow helps you be more efficient at your job. Find files faster, send documents to your clients with ease, and eliminate the need for physical filing cabinets in your workspace. Plus, digitizing your workflow reduces operational costs.

A Home For All Your Data

Real estate is a profession dominated by paperwork. Contracts, listings, and all of the other documents that pile up in your office can easily be managed in Neat. Free yourself from clutter and get more done in less time by letting Neat handle your paperwork.


Just type the word you're looking for into Neat's search bar, click the search button, and you'll see exactly the files you're looking for! It's the easiest way to find exactly the right files, and one reason Neat is so much smarter than traditional filing systems.

Manage Contacts

Adding a contact with the Neat mobile app is as fast and easy as snapping a picture of their business card with your phone. Business travelers and other folks on the go no longer have to worry about misplacing a card or manually adding contact information. Neat also allows you to import contacts from email signatures. Use your email exchanges to easily create your digital address book.


Neat makes it easy to work with others, even if they aren't Neat users. You can even have multiple users for one Neat account, making it perfect for small businesses or families.

Anywhere Access

Changes you make on one device will automatically be reflected anywhere else you view your files. That means you no longer have to worry about what computer a file is on, or whether or not you emailed that file to yourself for when you need it later. Internet access is all that's required in order to utilize Neat's robust suite of services anytime, anywhere.