Tax Prep

Take the Pain out of Tax Time

Neat can take the stress out of preparing for tax time! Keeping track of your expenses with Neat helps you maximize your deductions and save time during quarterly or annual tax preparation.  Neat will automatically categorize and extract key information from the receipts (such as vendor, date, sales tax and total). By assigning the appropriate tax categories for each receipt, its makes tracking and reporting for taxes a breeze.  You can share your folder with your accountant or directly export into tax or accounting software. Maximizing your deductions and protecting yourself in case of an audit has never been easier.

Key Features Include

  • Automatically categorize expenses
  • Tax Categories for both the US and Canadian markets
  • Integrations into TurboTax and H&R Block
  • Secure document retention in case of audit
  • Easily share your files or account with your tax preparer

Audit Proof your Small Business

Thousands of small businesses face IRS audits each year and one of the biggest problems SMB owners face is not being able to justify business expenses. When used properly, Neat can eliminate audit risks and missed deductions by capturing, storing and making searchable all receipts, expenses, invoices and financial documents.  Archived safe and secure in the cloud, Neat will include stored images of paper based documents which can be used in filing taxes and as documentation in the case of an audit.

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