Learn how to scan items to various destinations using your NeatConnect scanner. NeatConnect allows you to scan directly to your Neat Cloud account, email, FTP servers, and other cloud services via Wi-Fi, all from the scanner’s easy to use touchscreen.

Please Note: If you run into any problems scanning with the NeatConnect, click here to view our troubleshooting guide.

With NeatConnect you can:

  •  Scan files directly to your NeatCloud account
  •  Send scanned items as attachments to emails right from your scanner
  •  Save items to a memory card using the SD slot
  •  Scan to FTP servers
  •  Send files directly to Neat’s desktop software on your computer using the USB cable
  •  Add third party cloud services such as SkyDrive, Evernote, Dropbox, GoogleDrive, and box. Items scanned to a third-party service will appear in the main folder of that service, making them easy to find.

Adding destinations and sending files to the destinations listed above is easy. Simply go to your Settings menu, tap Add New Destinations, and follow the on-screen prompts to add your new destination. The newly added destination will then appear in the destination carousel.

Neat Connect - Scan destinations overview - Step 1 Neat Connect - Scan destinations overview - Step 2

NeatConnect also has an Outbox, which keeps the items you scan while it sends them to your selected destinations. It also serves as a log of scanned items that you can access at any time.

Neat Connect - Scan destinations overview - Step 3
Follow the links below for instructions on how to add and send to specific destinations:

Destinations Help!
If you have any trouble with Destinations on the NeatConnect, click here for more feature overviews and help articles.