Now’s the time to start building towards total organization! These important tips will help you get the most out of Neat and stay organized all year long.

Tips for Staying Organized

  • Make Neat a habit. Set a time on your calendar for scanning things into Neat, then stick to it. Try to turn it into a part of your regular routine.
  • Give your memory a hand. When you scan a business card into Neat, add notes about where you met the person, what you talked about, etc. This will make it easier to find that contact in the future, even if you forget their name, and can be useful for brushing up before a second meeting.
  • Send any file to Neat. Go to print an item and use the printer name dropdown to select Neat as the destination. Your item will be “printed” directly into your Smart Organization System.
  • Scan now, organize later. Make a habit out of getting all of your paper into Neat, even if you don’t organize it right away.
  • Stay on top of things. Scan in every bill as soon as you get it, even if you don’t plan on paying it right away. You’ll know right where it is when you’re ready to pay.
  • Make your mail Neat. Open your snail mail next to your Neat scanner, and immediately scan anything worth keeping. You’ll retain the important information, and can shred or recycle the physical paper, eliminating clutter.
  • Have a Scanning Party! Have paper that’s been piling up, and just don’t have time to get it in to Neat? Pick a time, invite your spouse, roommates, or close friends, and settle in with snacks, drinks, and good conversation until all the scanning is done.
  • Neat helps with home renovations. Create a folder in Neat for any new project and keep everything there, from inspirational articles and magazine clippings to receipts for purchased materials.
  • Protect your investments. Keep a folder of receipts from major purchases for insurance purposes.
  • Scan and recycle. The information is what matters, and once that’s in Neat there’s no need to keep the physical copy!
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Tax Tips

  • Keep all of your yearly tax information in one folder. This will make it easy to generate reports with Neat. If you have Neat Cloud Service, you can also share the entire folder with your accountant and comment back and forth – without sending bulky email attachments
  • Start organizing next year’s taxes today. It’s a new year, and that means it’s time to reset your deductions and start a new folder to keep track of your receipts for tax time. Start now, and you’ll thank yourself later!
  • Ready for the IRS. Did you know that the IRS accepts digitized receipts, like those in Neat?
  • Work seamlessly with QuickBooks Online. Neat integrates with QuickBooks Online for a streamlined workflow. Connecting Neat to your Intuit account is easy and lets you manage expenses, bills, and other finances faster than ever.
  • Revisit your record-keeping practices. You’ll need good books and records to take all the deductions and credits you deserve in 2014! Use Neat to keep all your receipts and other important records organized and accessible.
  • Did you purchase Neat for business? Neat is a tax-deductible expense if purchased for business use.
  • Start organized, stay organized. Assign tax categories to tax-deductible items as you scan them in, then quickly run reports when it’s time to file.
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Tips for Families

  • Neat makes a great digital scrapbook. Have kids? Make a folder for each one, then scan in report cards, artwork, and other important memories, instead of keeping them in boxes.
  • Track and manage your household spending. For example, create a folder to house all your grocery receipts for a month, then generate a spending report to see how much you’ve been spending.
  • Neat is great for hobbyists. Scan in sheet music, wine labels, cigar rings and more to keep organized files of your favorite pursuits!
  • Compare report cards. Put your kid’s report cards in Neat, and inspire them to outdo their past performance by keeping track of grades over time.
  • Plant your family tree in Neat. From newspaper clippings to wedding invitations, Neat is the perfect place to keep an archive of family history.
  • Keep your medical records organized. Create a folder for medical expenses, and use it to easily manage your insurance information or flexible spending account.
  • Send Neat to college. Neat is great for students. Create a folder for each class, then keep your syllabus, assignments, papers, and notes together and organized for easier studying.
  • Get Neat in the kitchen. Keep recipes in Neat, then use keyword searches to find exactly what you’re looking for. It’s the easiest way to organize all your recipes – no matter where they came from.
  • A bride-to-be’s best friend. Neat is a huge help for planning a wedding. From managing your vendor contacts, to your contracts, to your guest list and seating chart, Neat makes all that information accessible, manageable, and searchable. And it takes the bridezilla out of your wedding.
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NeatConnect Tips

  • Share NeatConnect. Family members and business partners can add their own destinations to NeatConnect, so you can easily share one device with multiple users.
  • SD cards for the office. Make use of NeatConnect’s SD card slot by giving employees their own SD cards to use as a quick, portable scanning destination.
  • NeatConnect loves mail. Since it doesn’t need to be near a computer, NeatConnect can be set up where you like to open your mail. Scan in any important mail right away, and get rid of the paper before it piles up.
  • Protect your privacy. In the Settings menu, you can set up a passcode lock to keep NeatConnect secure.
  • File sizes for email. You can send scanned items as email attachments right from NeatConnect – but most email clients restrict the size of attached files. Scanning at a lower DPI will create smaller files that are more suitable for attachments.
  • Scan now, sort later. It’s easy to use NeatConnect to make paper disappear, but be sure to manage your digital files later to keep everything neatly organized.
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Neat Cloud Service Tips

  • Have emails, attachments, or e-receipts? Forward them to your @neatcloud email address and they’ll be filed away just like you scanned them at home. More about Neat Cloud Service
  • Use your @neatcloud email address for shopping online. Have e-receipts delivered into Neat automatically, and keep your personal email uncluttered! More about Neat Cloud Service
  • Invoices can be Neat too! Neat’s cloud service handles more file types than ever before, including invoices! This makes it easier to handle your business than ever before. More about Neat Cloud Service
  • Be prepared, with Neat Cloud Service. By scanning copies of your mortgage, insurance, and other important documents to the cloud, you’ll always be able to access them – even if the originals are lost or damaged. More about Neat Cloud Service
  • Stay secure. Make sure your desktop software is set to sync automatically so your information is preserved in the cloud. More about Neat Cloud Service
  • NeatVerify for the web. Need to make sure the information automatically extracted from your documents was captured correctly? Use our NeatVerify service to quickly verify your captured data with 99% accuracy.
    More about Neat Cloud Service