A smarter way to manage your receipts and documents

Simplify how you work

Report expenses, manage documents, and much more!

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Save time and get to what matters

  • Access real-time visibility into expenses, spending, sales, and income tax for easy filing and reporting.
  • Avoid manual data entry with Neat's patented technology that accurately extracts key information from your document.
  • Upload receipts and documents securely with your mobile device or scanner.
waste time searching for important documents
more efficiency in searching for files
file protection from natural disasters
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“It pulls the information off the page, actually reads the text that’s on there, and organizes it for you.”
-Josh Z., Certified Professional Organizer
“It’s simply more enjoyable to live in a space that’s organized.”
-Bonnie D., Certified Professional Organizer
“I have been using Neat for at least 7 years, and it’s made tracking receipts and generating year end reports a breeze.”
-Joann D.
“The system is fantastic and eliminates many hours of filing and finding files.”
-Andy K.
“Makes end of the year filing so easy! No need to save receipts.”
-Michael K.

20 years of security and data protection

In tech world years, two decades equates to centuries. With that experience comes a deep knowledge of data security. Because we use the highest standard of bank-level encryption, your data is kept secure from any breaches.