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Neat extracts the key information from your receipts and documents, integrates with popular accounting and business software, and simplifies how you work.

Some of Neat's Popular Features


Get your items into Neat! Use the Neat mobile app, desktop app, email, or almost any scanner.


You'll always have access to the most recent version of your Neat files, via web, mobile, and desktop.

InDocument Identification

Our technology transforms the words and numbers on your page into useful, usable data.

Expenses & Reporting

Make tax time less taxing! Organize receipts and invoices, create reports, and more.


Find, filter and arrange your files any way you want with Neat's adaptable folder structure.


Your documents are synchronized between your various devices and securely backed up on our servers with bank-level encryption.


Neat integrates with business, accounting, and contact management software:


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