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Neat Reimagines Small Business Bookkeeping with the Introduction of NeatBooks

September 1st, 2021Neat News

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By Modernizing Bookkeeping Processes, NeatBooks Simplifies Small Businesses Accounting and Offers Unmatched Real-Time Visibility to Small Business Owners

The Neat Company, a recognized leader in financial data management for small businesses, expanded its offerings with the introduction of an easy-to-use bookkeeping solution that eliminates traditional bookkeeping processes that are unnecessary in the age of digital banking and intelligent data management. Neat reimagines how small business bookkeeping is done and enables business owners—with either years doing their books or with no accounting expertise at all—to quickly and confidently manage their books and keep business finances in order.

Among other innovations, Neat stands alone in the industry by enabling “statementless reconciliation.” Neat securely syncs transaction data from users’ bank accounts and automatically categorizes transactions based on vendor mapping. According to market research conducted by Neat, it was found that 75% of small business transactions are instantly recognizable by a small business owner or manager. This means owners or managers can quickly check to see that the vendor, date, amount, and categorization of a transaction is correct while simultaneously reconciling the transaction on their mobile devices. More complex transactions may await review in the Neat web app. The handy progress tracker shows business owners what remains to be reconciled, reinforcing that these bookkeeping tasks can be dispatched in minutes and be completely paperless.

Neat’s research found that most small business owners perceived no benefit to bookkeeping beyond preparing numbers for tax filings. In contrast, by automating and streamlining bookkeeping functions, Neat provides small business owners an entirely new level of real-time visibility and business intelligence. Neat presents a visual analysis of the indicators and insights that keep small business owners continuously aware of business performance instead of waiting for monthly or quarterly reports that come too late to inform decision-making.

Existing accounting systems were not built for small businesses; they were designed specifically for accountants. As compared to legacy small business accounting packages, Neat is built fresh for an immediate and frictionless experience. Neat keeps its in-app experience simple so that owners don’t require a bookkeeper to manage their books. With ease of use, in-app guidance, and expert phone, email, and chat support when something gets out of rhythm, small business owners can confidently manage their books and seamlessly hand off data to their accountants for tax prep or other support.

“Although accounting software has replaced the leather-bound journals business owners once used to ‘keep the books,’ we haven’t substantively rethought the traditional steps of the accounting cycle since they were established in the 15th century,” says Baird. “By re-imagining bookkeeping befitting modern-day business owners, we have stripped out unnecessary steps to make Neat a simple, secure, and efficient means of getting bookkeeping tasks accomplished in a matter of minutes and often from the palm of your hand. Neat changes how books get done, allowing business owners to focus on growing their business instead of accounting for it.”

With Neat, small businesses can:

  • Access on-the-go bookkeeping with the Neat mobile app to access reports, documents, and more on a tablet or mobile device (iOS and Android)
  • Securely sync bank accounts to view an organized view of transactions
  • View a month-by-month breakdown of which expenses are matched to a receipt or other source document while guided workflows match expenses and receipts to see which remain unmatched
  • Analyze trends and business insights with a view of data detailing cash balance, top expense categories, total sales, and more
  • Automate accounting with customized reports including profit and loss, cash flow, balance sheets, expenses, spending summaries, sales tax, tax category, and more
  • Connect for free to a Neat Bookkeeping Specialist to help with onboarding and ongoing questions

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About Neat

For more than 20 years, The Neat Company has changed the way small businesses and solopreneurs manage painstaking and paper-intensive bookkeeping, customer payments, and financial record organization. Neat provides cloud-based solutions that hundreds of thousands rely upon to bring financial order to their small businesses. Neat is helping businesses track, manage, and centralize their financial data to be prepared for tax time and stay informed about the health of their business.

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