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We’re always looking to create the best experience possible within our small business bookkeeping tools.

This page is where you can find all of our latest product updates for the Neat desktop and mobile applications. If you have an idea or feedback for an upcoming release, you can submit it here.

Web App Enhancements

Reports Enhancements

Layout changes to the Reports Dashboard

The Reports Dashboard was redesigned for users to easily see all available reports and understand their data source as either a report generated from Transactions or Receipts/Mileage.

The Accounting Reports section is now called the Transaction Reports section, and contains the following reports:

  • Profit & Loss Statement
  • Transaction Detail - this report was previously named the “Transaction Report”. The name was updated to accommodate changing the entire section name to “Transaction Reports”.
  • Expense Report [generated from Transactions]
  • Spending Detail [generated from Transactions]
  • Spending Summary [generated from Transactions]
  • Tax Category generated [from Transactions]

The following reports are now contained within a subsection of Transaction Reports, viewable with a toggle to “Show Advanced Reports”.

  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow Statement

The Classic Reports section is now called the File Cabinet Reports section, and contains the following reports:

  • Expense Report [generated from Receipts/Mileage]
  • Spending Detail [generated from Receipts]
  • Spending Summary [generated from Receipts]
  • Tax Category [generated from Receipts]
  • Sales Tax [generated from Receipts]

Updates to Report Functionality

The new Reports Dashboard defines the data source of each report as either generated using Transactions or Receipts/Mileage. As a result, any reports created using the Report Wizard now skip Step 1 (Select Data Type) and open directly to Step 2. These reports include:

  • Expense Report - from Transaction Reports & File Cabinet Reports
  • Spending Detail - from Transaction Reports & File Cabinet Reports
  • Spending Summary - from Transaction Reports & File Cabinet Reports
  • Tax Category - from Transaction Reports & File Cabinet Reports

Invoice Enhancements

Invoicing grid UX improvements

The top header of the invoices dashboard is now more narrow, to provide additional room for the invoice grid. The "Amount Outstanding" and "Amount Past Due" widgets are moved up and smaller. The Accept Online Payments CTA is removed. The "Create New" CTA’s for Invoice, Customer and Product are also moved from the left to the right and aligned with the grid tabs

Product/Service Quantities support fractions & decimals

The quantity field now supports entering a value with a decimal/less than a whole number [e.g., 4.5 or .25]. The field supports up to 2 decimal places. This change was made to support our users who invoice/bill customers for time.

Books Enhancements

“Uncategorized” added to “My Categories”

A new category named "Uncategorized" is now available as a default parent category in the "My Categories" modal. All new transactions imported from Yodlee without a category will now be mapped to the parent category "Uncategorized". All historical transactions and line items without an assigned category are also assigned to "Uncategorized". Transactions assigned to "Uncategorized" are fully editable to the user.

Additional notes on "Uncategorized":

  • There are two new common categories, "Uncategorized Income" and "Uncategorized Expense" available as child categories under "Uncategorized".
  • Users can create additional custom categories under "Uncategorized".
  • The new parent and child categories are supported in the category filters used throughout the "Do My Books" section.

Profit & Loss Report supports "Uncategorized"

The Profit & Loss Summary and Detail Reports now include the new “Uncategorized” category in the “Non-operating and Other” section of the Report.

  • The Profit & Loss Summary lists a single parent category with the net sum of all transactions assigned to the parent and any of the child categories
  • The Profit & Loss Detail displays the individual parent and child category totals.
  • Users who drill down into the Transaction Detail from the Profit & Loss are now able to edit the category filter.

Mobile Enhancements

Subscription Status available on the mobile app

A new settings screen is available on the mobile app called Subscription where users can view their current subscribed plan, payment frequency, and next billing date.

  • Subscription is only available to the Account Owner.
  • A Manage Subscription button will provide the user with instructions on where they can manage their subscriptions.
    • Accounts on an iOS subscription will be redirected to the app subscription management center on their device.

User Requested Account Deletion

The mobile app now supports an option for users to have their user information and stored data on Neat permanently removed. 

  • Delete My Account is accessible from the Subscription setting under the Settings menu.
  • Account deletion is only available for Expired accounts or accounts set as “Do Not Renew”.

Enable Demo Data on the mobile app

The landing pages for the Accounts/Transactions and Review sections of the app have been updated so users can enable the demo accounts and transactions from within the mobile app.

  • The demo experience on mobile uses the same demo account and transactions as on the web.
    • Users will be able to launch the FastLink widget from a Connect an Account CTA presented when viewing demo data
  • When demo data has been enabled on the mobile app, it will be enabled on the Web app, and vice versa.
  • The demo data will be available until the user has made their first account connection.

Miscellaneous Mobile Enhancements

Move Files back to the Unfiled folder
  • The Unfiled folder has been unlocked to allow users to move items back to Unfiled
Vendor is not required when transactions are categorized as Sales
  • Typically credit transactions that are categorized under a "Sales" Category do not have a Vendor. We have removed this requirement when categorizing transactions on the mobile app.
  • This enhancement will also allow users to mark transactions as “Reviewed” without a vendor for transactions categorized as Sales.
Improved UX for sending items and invoices
  • The Share PDF and Send Invoice forms have been updated to support an + Email Address button for adding multiple email addresses. 
Label Changes

We have added a few labels to some of the forms in the mobile app. These labels will make it easier for users to identify various fields and which fields are “Required”. The following changes can be found in the app: 

  • “Item type” and “Folder” dropdowns on the Capture Confirmation screen now support a label.
  • “Create Customer” and “Create Product” forms support a “Required” label on the required fields.
Product/Service Quantities support fractions/decimals
  • The quantity field supports entering a value with a decimal and less than a whole number [e.g., 4.5 or .25]. 
  • This change was made to support our users who invoice/bill customers for time.

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