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Simplify Tax Prep

Our tax solution tags expenses and retains records to maximize deductions and audit-proof your business.

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Stay Organized Year-Round

Throw away those old accordion folders. With Neat, you can scan, snap a picture, email, or drag and drop documents to digitize them and make them keyword searchable automatically. Then, organize your files however you like. Want to automatically tag items by expense type? Done. Want to make notes on specific expenses? No problem. Neat works around your organizational style.


Check Receipts Against Bank Transactions

Have confidence that all of your transactions are centralized and accurate. No need to reconcile off of a bank statement. Connect to any of +10,000 financial institutions to match receipts and invoices directly to your bank or credit card transactions.

File Your Taxes Quickly (And Accurately)

Easily send expenses to your tax or accounting software. Map expenses a single time to match your QuickBooks preferences, and incoming data will be automatically coded. Export tax categories, expenses, and document images to tax software like TurboTax to eliminate the need to type in data.

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Easily Communicate With Your Accountant

Tired of long email chains? Send items to your accountant or tax preparer directly from Neat. Every item and folder in Neat also allows you to add and receive comments, making collaboration a breeze.

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