Not unlike the housing market, office real estate is valuable and comes at a steep price. Larger businesses often have the luxury of off-site storage facilities to store their documentation. But for small-to-medium sized businesses, this isn’t a readily-available perk. Read on to find out why and how digitizing your database can allow you to take advantage of office real estate and optimize your overall efficiency.

Go paperless to save and make money.

Every cost affects your bottom line. By digitizing your documents, you’ll be able to save on things like storage containers, ink, paper for copying, shipping, and other necessities. The square footage of your back office, storage room or warehouse is worthwhile real estate, so use it wisely! Physical records can and will quickly become bulky wastes of space. By taking your records into the digital age, you’ll not only be presented with the essential opportunity to purge outdated drafts, obsolete sources and/or other redundant documents but you’ll also have the ability to digitally store even more than before. To top it off, you’ll now have the option to utilize the newly-unoccupied space for more profitable endeavors, whether that means expanding your product offerings, work space or staff.

You’re going to save time.

With the right platform, digitizing your files allows for them to be easily stored and searched. Gone are the days where employees spend valuable work-time conducting lengthy, manual file-searches. Instead, storing and locating pertinent documents can be streamlined with something as simple as the implementation of a company-wide digital file-labeling system.

Your files are going to be safer and more accessible.

Let’s face it – physical documents are a pretty risky bet. Something as simple as the new intern mistakenly shredding the wrong document or something unexpected like a water leak or building fire leaves room for crucial records to be destroyed. With the implementation of digitization, you can rest easy that your records are safe in secure cloud storage. If you’re extra-careful, and we recommend that you are, you can continuously backup those same files on hard drives which will still take up only a fraction of the space that your paper documents did. Another plus? When you store these files in the cloud, they can be accessed anytime and from anywhere by approved users with the necessary passwords. This allows your employees to be increasingly more efficient and productive no matter where they are.

So now you know the “why” behind capitalizing on valuable real estate can lead to optimal efficiency but now you need the “how”. It’s pretty simple, really – find an office tool that does it right, and does it reliably. Scanners like Fujitsu ScanSnap were created with the needs of small to medium sized businesses in mind. From its easily portable design and affordable price point, to its ability to seamlessly integrate with major cloud service providers (i.e. Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, among others), scanners such as these are a must-have when revamping your business to be its best, most efficient self.