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The Neat Company’s First Annual Top 100 Creative Professionals

July 12th, 2022Neat News, Uncategorized

Top 100 Creative Professionals

Small business owners and creative professionals do not receive enough recognition. The role of the creative professional is very important; as they bring beauty into business, add personality to products, and make everything just a little more interesting. 

At Neat we decided to honor and recognize these amazing individuals in our first annual Top 100 Creative Professionals.

Our list is made of people who are consultants, designers, business people, and artists. Many have impressed us directly and others were recommended to us by trusted industry professionals.

Check out who is on the list (in alphabetical order by first name) and please explore their LinkedIn profiles to learn more about each of these talented people.

Aaron Draplin Designer Draplin Designs
Abraham Lule Designer work by lule
Alex Center Founder Center
Amanda Blakley Travel Journalist Fora Travel
Amanda Rappak Content Developer Freelance
Anthony Armendariz Founder Funsize
Arlton Lowry Founder Few
Beth Carmody Content Developer Freelance
Beth Granger Consultant Beth Granger Consulting
Bill Green Designer Flurry
Bo Burlingham Writer Freelance
Bob Knorpp Consultant Cool Beans
Brendan Nee Founder Blinktag
Brian Collins Founder Collins
Brian Kalma Consultant Freelance
Brian McDonald Writer – Director Write Invisible Ink
Bridie Picot Founder Wrappy
Britta Riley Founder Window Farms
Brittany Reagan Founder Hellcats USA
Cami Kaos Community Leader Automattic
Casie Stewart Cultural Icon Freelance
Cey Adams Artist Cey Adams
Chris Brogan Author Brogan Media
Chris Do Founder Blind
Chris Thomas Founder Yonder Agency
Cindy Gallop Founder If We Ran The World
Clay Hebert Consultant Clay Hebert
Clint Schaff Consultant Freelance
Courtney Ellert Designer Syndio
Danielle Hughes Consultant More than words Marketing
Dara Frank Consultant Freelance
David Feldman Writer – Director Freelance
David Kampa Founder Kampa Design
David Kerpen Author Likeable Media
Debbie Millman Designer Design Matters Media
Dixie Laite Consultant Freelance
DJ Coffman Artist DJ Coffman
Dov Charney Designer Los Angeles Apparel
Edith Valle Designer Edith Valle Design
Elizabeth Goodspeed Designer Elizabeth Goodspeed
Emily Cohen Consultant Emily Cohen
Emily Eisenhart Designer Emily Eisenhart
Erica Braverman Public Relations EB PR
Hal Thomas Strategist Blue Force Gear
Hanna Abaza Global Marketing Shopify
Ian Baer Consultant Freelance
J Alexander Diaz Creative Director LA Lakers / Independent Graphic Designer
Jackie Brown Graphic Designer Nike / Independent Graphic Designer
Jackie Lam Writer Freelance
Jen Heape Founder Vixen labs
Jenna Blazevich Founder Vichcraft
Jennifer Sullivan President membrain llc
Jeremy Mickel Founder MCKL
Jeremy Pepper Consultant Freelance
Jessi Arrington Consultant Workshop
Jessica Hische Lettering Artist Jessica Hische
Jessica Walsh Creative Director &Walsh
Jessie Frampton Founder Fuzz Wax Bar
Jim Mahfood Artist Freelance
Joel Reidy Founder XpatPal
Jon Wye Founder
Jose Canales Founder Canalesco
Joseph Jaffe Founder Alpha Collective
Josh Fialkov Writer Josh Fialkov
Josh Fisher Artist Freelance
Joshua Ariza Founder Chompbrand
Julia Kaganskiy Consultant Freelance
Karen Hartline Event Planner Gitlab
Kate Bingaman-Burt Artist Portland State University / Independent Graphic Designer
Kelli Anderson Artist Freelance
Kevin Rogers Writer Copy Chief
Lauren Rae Holtermann Artist Holter Monster
Liz Danzico Creative Director SVA
Liza Sperling Marketer Upwork
Marco Grazzi Artist Marco Grazzi
Meg Lewis Founder Meg Lewis
Meghan Peters Consultant Freelance
Merrick Founder The Mega Smart Company
Miriam Zelensky Founder Lazy Jack Press
Paul Thorgood Consultant Freelance
Rafael Espinal President Freelancers Union
Rick Turoczy Founder PIE
Rock Therrien Artist Rock Therrien
Samantha French Artist Samantha French
Saul Colt Founder The Idea Integration Co
Scott Doorley Creative Director
Scotty Russell Coach Scotty Russell
Seamus Condron Consultant Freelance
Skye Topic TV Producer Bunim Murray Productions
Stacey Panousopoulos Executive Producer AIGA/NY
Steven Heller Co-Chair, MFA School of Visual Arts
Stuart Tracte Consultant Freelance
Su Mathews Hale CEO – Creative Director Hale Design
Sunir Shah CEO Appbind
Tikva Morowati Consultant Freelance
Tina Roth Eisenberg Founder Creative Mornings
Vaughn Dabney Founder Unoma Haus
Victoria Breton Designer Freelance
Whitney Hess Coach & Consultant Vicarious Partners, Inc.
Whitney Matheson Consultant Freelance
Zipeng Zhu Founder Dazzle Studio

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