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Get paid faster with built-in organization.

Get paid faster and more often.

Don’t let another unpaid invoice slip by! You deserve to get paid for your work. Track invoices and payments all in one place to keep organization simple.

Neat Invoice

ACH/Bank Transfers with no fees

No more paper invoices, handwritten checks, and time-consuming trips to the bank. See how much you could save with free ACH when your invoices are paid. No fees on bank transfers…that’s Neat.

Customizable invoice templates

Feel the relief of an invoicing tool that is turnkey, professional, and fast. Really, you can build and send branded invoices in minutes.

Invoice Paid and Void

Customizable invoices built quickly

Finally, an invoicing tool that’s turnkey, professional, and builds branded invoices in minutes.

Invoice Paid and Void
Credit card processing

Fast and secure online payments

Eliminate the need to wait for checks in the mail. Get your money faster by enabling your customers to pay you by credit/debit card and bank transfers*. Neat partners with industry-leading WePay (a Chase company) to provide you with secure payments. Convenient and awesome? Heck yeah.

*No ACH/Bank transfer fee! Standard online payment processing fees apply to debit/credit card transactions. Visa, Mastercard, Discover,: 2.9% plus 30 centers per transaction. Amex: 3.4% plus 30 cents per transaction.

Unlimited support for all your questions

We don’t have robots talk to you, except for our very polite chatbot on our website that connects you to a human. You’ll always have unlimited access to personalized support from a Neat expert at no additional cost.

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