We’re always looking to create the best experience possible within our small business bookkeeping tools.

This page is where you can find all of our latest product updates for the Neat desktop and mobile applications. If you have an idea or feedback for an upcoming release, you can submit it here.

Access File Cabinet within Mobile App 

Users can now access the File Cabinet from within the new mobile app. This feature was highly missed and requested by users. The return of the file cabinet will help them to easily navigate and manage their folders and items.

File Cabinet can be opened from in the More menu or a link on the search landing page.

  • The cabinet will include access to Unfiled, My Cabinet, and Trash.  The All Files folder was not included in this release.
  • Users can navigate through their cabinets by tapping on a folder.  From within the folders, the user will be presented with a list of the items and folders.

Filtering and Sorting of items

To make the process of finding item(s) easy, the application will support the ability to sort and filter items in a folder. 

  • Items can be sorted by date or alphabetical order
  • Items can be filtered by Date, Category, or Keyword search

Action Menu and Available Actions 

Action menus have been provided on folders and items to provide users with the ability to, Move, Rename Folder, Create New Folder, Create New Item, Move to Trash, and Share a PDF via Email. 

  • Action menu is available on the folder tile and in the header for folders and items.

Move Folder/Item to another Folder: users can change the saved location of an item or a folder. 

  • Move is an available action for the user-created folders and items located in a folder or Trash. 
    • The My Cabinet, Unfiled, and Trash folders cannot be moved. 
  • Users selecting Move will be presented with their File Cabinet to select the new folder. 
  • A shortcut to Trash is presented when the user selects move. Trash will allow the user to move an item or a folder directly to the trash without having to go through the full move process. 

Rename Folder: users can change the name of their folder or file cabinet.

  • Rename is not available for Unfiled or Trash.

Create New Folder: users can create a new folder or subfolder in their File Cabinet. 

  • Create New Folder is not available in the action menu for Unfiled or Trash.

Create New Item: users will now have the ability to create a new item directly within a folder without an image. 

    • New items can be created in Unfiled and any of the file cabinet sub-folders  
  • Create New Item is not available in the Trash or the My Cabinet folder.

Share PDF: will allow the user to email an item from within the file cabinet. 

  • A valid Email address and subject line will be required
  • Users can only send one item at a time but can send it to multiple email addresses 
  • Share PDF will not be presented in the action menu when the item does not have an attached image or for items is in the Trash.

Improved Transaction Detail View

The Transaction Detail view has been updated to provide the user with a comprehensive view of all the key metadata and an improved itemization experience. 

  • When viewing a transaction that has not been itemized, the user will be presented with a simple form that highlights the primary metadata fields for reconciling a transaction. 

  • The itemization process has been improved to make splitting the transaction into multiple categories easier to manage. When the user clicks on Itemize, the first line item is created.
    • A description field has been added to each line item. This will allow the user to provide more detail about the line item. 
    • The Additional fields drop-down provides the user with additional metadata fields for tagging and categorizing the transaction. 

    • As the amount fields are changed, Neat will verify if the line items are balanced and provide the user with the validation and unitemized balance.
    • When new line items are created, the remaining balance will now be automatically assigned to the new line item being added. 

    • The No Source Document selection has been moved above the action buttons in the footer. 
    • A Contextual tool-tip for Save as Reconciled will let the user know what fields are needed in order to save as reconciled. 

Improved Report Experience

This release signifies the first of a series of changes we will be bringing to the reporting experience on Neat.

  • The Reports section from the main navigation now presents the user with a Reports landing page. 
    • The new dashboardwill present the user with a view of the classic reports available on Neat, and a sneak preview of the new Accounting reports we will be supporting when we release our bookkeeping solution.
    • All of the “Create a Report” buttons on the site have been reprogrammed to direct the user to the reports landing page. 
  • Users will now select which report they want to create from the landing page. 
  • The report wizard has been modified to launch after the selection of a report type. 
    • Accounts on a Basic or 2.0 plan will be taken directly to step two for filtering and selecting the data they wish to include in the report. 
    • Accounts on a Complete plan will be presented with a new step one for selecting either Transaction or Receipt data for the selected report. 
  • The Reports grid has been moved into the File Cabinet and renamed “Saved Reports”
    • A View Saved Reports button has been added to the new landing page to direct users to the new folder location of their saved reports. 

Transaction Account Nickname

Users can now set an account-specific nickname for each of their connected accounts. This custom name will allow users to easily identify accounts that may have the same name assigned by the provider. 

  • The settings menu on the account tile will present the user with an Account Nickname option.
  • The account nickname will be displayed everywhere the account name is used in the application

Cash Flow Insights BETA

Our first iteration of Insights will provide transaction users with basic accounting KPIs for identifying how their business is performing from a Cash Flow perspective and educational tooltips designed to provide the user with information about the content being presented.  

Insights Dashboard

  • Insights have been added as a new item in the main navigation. Users selecting Insights will be presented with a dashboard of four Cash Flow insights.

Net Cash Flow

  • Much like the current Monthly Cash Flow, this insight will surface the Net Cash value for each month.
    • What’s new is the addition of the income and expense totals and the ability to configure the date range. 
  • The Net Cash Flow insight will default to present the current YTD values. 
  • This insight will replace the current Monthly Cash Flow chart presented on the main dashboard. 

Top Expense Categories

  • This insight will provide users with an at-a-glance presentation of the top ten expense categories. 
  • The Top Expense Category insight will default to present the current  YTD value of all expense categories sorted from highest to lowest. The date range presented in the insight can be reconfigured using the date picker and categories can be excluded using the category selection drop-down. 

Cash Balance

  • The Cash Balance insight will provide users with the sum total of their current Cash Account balances. 
    • The Cash Balance is calculated from the Cash on Hand and Bank account balances.
  • The amounts presented in the chart are real-time balances as of the last account refresh.  

Total Sales

  • This insight will provide users with a graphical presentation of their year to date total sales per month. 
  • Users viewing the Total Sales insight will have the option to view those sales broken down by Customer or Project and can reconfigure the date range using the date picker.


Chart of Accounts BETA

Our first iteration of Chart of Accounts will be the organizational breakdown of Income and Expense categories. Neat’s approach to COA is to provide business owners with a simplified list of parent categories, the most commonly used subcategories,  and provide users with the ability to create and manage their custom subcategories. 

  • Chart of Accounts can be accessed from the main settings drop-down in the application header and from within the Reconciliation section. 
    • Access to COA is restricted to account owners on a Complete plan. 
    • COA will be hidden from all users on a Basic/2.0 plan and shared users on a Complete plan

    • Each account will be prepopulated with a set of parent/top-level Income and Expense categories. 
      • Income
        • Sales
        • Reimbursable Expenses
          • Commonly used to track Income received as reimbursement for expenses incurred as a result of providing a good or service
      • Expenses
        • Cost of Goods Sold 
          • Refers to the direct costs of producing the goods or services provided by the business.
  • Occupancy Expenses*
      • Employee Expenses*
      • Auto Expenses*
      • Advertising & Marketing Expenses*
      • General Business Expenses*
      • Other Expenses*
      • Non-Business Expenses

* These expense categories have been grouped under Operating Expenses and represent expenses a business incurs through normal business operations

  • For each parent category,we have a pre mapped Common subcategories. 
    • These are subcategories that have been identified as those most commonly used when categorizing income and expense categories. 
  • For each parent category, we have provided an area for Custom subcategories. 
    •  These are user created subcategories. This option was provided for business owners to create those categories that are specific to their business needs.
  • Subcategories can be enabled and disabled per the business owner’s discretion.  
    • This will allow a business owner the ability to only include the categories they need on their Chart of Accounts.
    • Users can enable as many categories as they need. 
    • Categories can only be disabled if they are not currently assigned to a transaction. 

Reconciliation BETA

The following features and enhancements have been added to the Reconciliation feature since the last two releases. 

Suggested Matches Workflow

  • Users reconciling their accounts will be provided with a Suggested Match widget on the Reconciliation Account Detail view. 
  • The widget will launch a workflow of prefiltered transactions within the reconciliation period that has at least one suggested match. 

Other Unreconciled Workflow

  • Users reconciling their accounts will be provided with an Other Unreconciled widget on the Reconciliation Account Detail view. 
  • The widget will launch a workflow of prefiltered transactions within the reconciliation period that did not meet the conditions of the two other workflows.

Reconciliation Enhancements

The following enhancements were implemented as a result of the Alpha Testing feedback. 

Reconciliation Account added to first-time set-up flow

  • As part of the first time reconciliation set up, the user will be presented with the reconciliation account configuration modal where they can confirm which accounts they wish to include in their reconcile set-up.

Save as Reconciled Transitions to the next transaction 

  • Users reconciling their transactions from within any of the reconciliation workflows will be automatically transitioned to the next transaction. This enhancement was added to make fast work of reconciling transactions. 

Updated Period Activity

  • The metadata presented in the period activity on the reconciliation account detail will now provide the user with the total amount of their debit and credit transactions as well as the Net Sum. 
    • This change will provide the amounts needed to verify against the amounts presented on their bank statement. 

Ability to create Cash Transactions from within Reconciliation

  • Users will be able to create a Cash transaction in their Cash on Hand account from within Reconciliation. 
  • This will allow a user to record any cash transactions while reconciling their open period. 

Automatically Close Accounts that have been Reconciled 

    • The application will automatically close the reconciliation period for an account when all of the transactions for that account have been reconciled.

Mobile Release v1.0.5

Category supported on Transaction

Users can now assign a category to their transactions within the mobile application.  

    • A category dropdown was added to the metadata section for transactions. 
    • Category presents the user with a list of system-defined transaction categories along with any user-created categories associated with transactions. 


Save as Reconciled

Users will be able to quickly identify what fields or actions are needed in order to save the transaction as Reconciled. 

  • Transaction image viewer will provide two alert indicators, one for the source document requirement and another for the metadata requirement.
  • The indicators will present a green check when the requirement is fulfilled. 
  • The Select/Capture as Match CTA will change to Mark as Reconciled when the source document requirement is met.

Reconciliation Workflow BETA

Beta testers will have the ability to test drive the new mobile Reconciliation workflow. We have upgraded the current match workflow to include the Save as Reconciled UX. This enhancement will allow our users to make quick work of reconciling their transactions while on the go.  

  • Match in Navigation will display as Reconciliation
  • The reconciliation workflow will provide the user with access to all of their unreconciled transactions.
    • Transactions presented in order of Newest to Oldest
    • The workflow will include all unreconciled transactions from all accounts configured to be reconciled
  • As the user completes the steps to mark a transaction as Reconciled, the user is the transition to the next unreconciled transaction.

Support for No Source Document 

Users working with their transactions on mobile will have the ability to mark a transaction as not having a source document. 

  • The Transactions on mobile will provide users with a No Document Necessary option.  This functionality works in the same fashion as it was implemented on the web. 
  • No Document Necessary will be presented on the image viewer beneath the Search/Capture a match options. 
    • Users will be provided with a note section for quickly noting why no source document was required. 
    • Users can unset No Document Necessary if they would like to capture or attach a matching source document. 
  • Transactions with No Document Necessary set will be excluded from the Match workflow.

File Cabinet “Coming Soon”

That’s right, the file cabinet is coming back.  In a response to overwhelming feedback, we are adding the file cabinet to the new mobile application. 

  • Users navigating to the Search landing page will see a placeholder and coming soon message about the file cabinet
  • The placeholder will also provide the user with a link to the legacy app if they wish to continue using it for accessing files through the file cabinet. 

No Source Document 

This is a feature enhancement for Transactions. Users will now have the ability to mark a transaction as having “No Source Document”. 

  • A “No Source Document” checkbox will be provided in the image viewer on the Transaction Detail.
  • An optional note field is provided for the user to note why the transaction does not require documentation.
  • Transactions marked as having no source document will no longer be presented with suggested matches or the option to search/attach a match. 
    • A user can unmark a transaction as having no source document. 
    • This will allow Neat to present suggested matches again and allow the user to search and attach a matching document if one is now required or available. 

View image/PDF on a new tab

In response to customer feedback, we have added the ability for our users to view their images fullscreen. 

  • Users can have their attached image/PDF open on a new tab from the Preview and Image viewer.
    • An open in new tab icon has been added on the image preview on the grids and within the image viewer on the item and transaction detail view. When clicked the attachment will open on a new tab.Neat product release notes for June 1
  • The tab view supports all of the PDF controls available when viewing the attachment from the item detail view.

Neat product release notes

Virtual File Cabinet, Transactions Search, Categorization Improvements, and more

Version v3.0.10 – Released 05/15/20

  • Users can now view all items in their file cabinet from one location, All Files.
      • This is a new virtual folder that presents the user with every item in their file cabinet on one grid.
      • This folder supports all of the same filter and grid action items, i.e reprocess, send to accounting, export, combine, and separate.
      • This folder will allow users to filter all items regardless of what folder they belong to.
        • Previously users could only see items saved in multiple folders from the search results and item type grids.
      • As a virtual folder, users will not be able to select this folder from the folder selection when moving items between folders or importing new items into Neat. Files will automatically appear when received in Neat.
  • Neat users will now be able to perform a search of their transaction records.
        • The global search will now include an item record selector.
          • The Files option will search for items in the File Cabinet
          • The Transactions option will search Transactions
          • Search results for transactions will be presented in the Transactions grid
          • Search results for item records will be presented in the All Files folder
        • Transactions can now be filtered by a keyword search.  From the Filter drop-down, users will find a Keyword Search filter option.
          • The keyword filter will allow the user to search the transactions currently being presented in the grid.
          • E.g. if transactions are currently being filtered by a vendor, the keyword search will return results that match with the vendor(s) being filtered.
  • Support for Transaction- related Attributes when viewing mixed item types in a grid
    • Date, Amount, and Category fields are now presented as individual columns in the folder grids under the File Cabinet as well as in Needs Review.
    • Date, Amount, and Category columns are supported in the Column sort drop-down.
      • Columns can be added or hidden from the grid view
  • Date and Category can now be filtered when viewing mixed item types in a grid.
    • Users no longer need to filter by item type first in order to filter by the receipt, invoice date, or the category. These fields have been added to the common filter menu.
    • Additional filter options are still available when viewing a single item type
      • I.e. users can filter by the vendor, reimbursable, billable, and payment type values when viewing items in the grid are filter to only show receipts.
  • Category field added to Check and Bill item types
    • Users can now assign a category value to their Check and Bill item types.
      • Category field added to the Item Detail view for a Check and Bill.
      • Category field added to the grid view for a Check and Bill.
      • Category filter is supported on the Check and Bill item type specific grids.

Enhanced Transaction Refresh Functionality

Version v3.0.9 – Released 04/15/20

  • Improved Refreshing of Accounts
    • Neat will trigger a refresh of the transaction data when a user logs in
    • Neat will pull in the most recent transactions available for each account on Yodlee
    • The user does not need to be on the Transaction page for the refresh to occur
    • Each account tile will reflect a refreshing state while the refresh is in progress
    • Account refresh can be manually triggered by the user.

Business Insights, Cash Flow, Sign In With Google

Version v3.0.8 – Released 03/16/20

  • Business Insights including Cash Flow
    • The account owner on a Complete plan will be presented with a Monthly Cash Flow graph on the Dashboard.
    • The graph will provide users with a monthly Cash Flow value for the current month, past 3 months, and current month a year prior.
    • The graphical data will be populated, using transaction data from the connected Bank and Credit Card accounts.
  • Sign in to Neat using Google credentials

Version v3.0.7 – Released 02/18/20

  • API preparations for sign in to Neat using Google credentials
  • API preparations for Business Insights

Version v3.0.6 – Released 01/29/20

  • Transactions Reporting enhancements
  • Improvements to Suggested Matches for Transactions
  • Ability to Create A Report from the Transactions Grid
  • Pending Transactions – Improved experience with Vendor Name and Description in the grid

Version v3.0.5 – Released 12/20/19

  • Combine & Separate attachments from app.neat.com

Version v3.0.4 – Released 12/02/19

  • Transactions metadata now searchable when matching an item record
  • Visibility of matched items in the File Cabinet

Version v3.0.3 – Released 11/15/19

  • Update Expense Category to just “Category”

Version v3.0.2 – Released 11/11/19

  • Billing Settings added to main drop down menu
  • Previous folder selection remembered for faster utilization

Version v3.0.1 – Released 10/28/19

  • Misc. bug fixes

Version v3.0 – Released 10/16/19

  • Transaction Streaming with bank account connectivity
  • Transaction mapping for reconciliation
  • Line itemization of expenses for detailed classification

Version v2.0.5 – Released 9/12/19

  • Added Account Name option from Account Settings
  • Enhanced Drag and Drop functionality from outside File Cabinet
  • Added progress indicator when sending items to QuickBooks

Version v2.0.4 – Released 8/23/19

  • Optimized Add Folder functionality & availability
  • Added new Keyword Search filter option to all grids
  • Grid column sorting, reordering and visibility improvements

Version v2.0.3 – Released 8/2/19

  • Bulk editing improvements/enhancements
  • Grid text refinements
  • Changed Email Item “Send From” to no-reply@neatcloud.com

Version v2.0.2 – Released 7/19/19

  • Added option to change existing email address
  • Drag and drop Items directly to Import screen
  • Removed 10MB limit for Imported files
  • Added Total number of Items and Total amounts above grid
  • Fixed placement of lists hindering field input
  • UI re-styling and refinements
  • Added auto refresh to grid Items

Version v2.0.1 – Released 6/27/19

  • Edit/change metadata fields for multiple items at one time (“Bulk Editing”)
  • Filter search results by item type and/or metadata fields
  • Create new account option for folder or account share recipients
  • Enhanced item view Controls (i.e. select text, hand-tool, print, search etc.)

Version v2.0 – Released 5/22/19

  • Updated UI (User Interface)- New look applied to navigation, dashboard, grids, menus and more!

Version v1.7 – Released 5/10/19

  • UI re-styling and refinements
  • Updated icons and tool-tips
  • QuickBooks Desktop integration & adjustments
  • Various backend fixes & improvements

Version v1.6 – Released 04/24/19

  • Send loose Mileage items to Quickbooks (w/o Expense Report)
  • Folder & Account Share invitation/acceptance
  • Control access for Shared Folder recipients
  • Various backend fixes & improvements

Version v1.5 – Released 04/16/19

  • Export to PDF adjustments
  • Various restyling of pages, message boxes etc.
  • Mileage Item missing information improvements
  • QuickBooks Online large data send fixes
  • Various backend fixes

Version v1.4 – Released 03/29/19

  • Add image or document to manually created Item
  • Item detail view UI refinement / enhancements
  • Preview Item directly from grid
  • Identify & download attachments directly from grid
  • Less than zero dollar amounts support
  • Billing portal via Upgrade action added
  • Account-level ownership of Integration connections
  • QuickBooks Desktop  support for multiple accounts (Share token)
  • Additional Invoice Item Type fields added
  • Class Receipt Item Type field added
  • UX refinement of Calendar views
  • Check Item edits prior to export/sending

Version v1.3 – Released 03/05/19

  • Grid filtering: Quickly filter data presented within a grid by item type and/or other key fields to quickly see just what you want to.
  • Simplified trash prompting: No more prompts asking you to confirm that you want to send items to the trash. We now only ask you to confirm emptying the trash.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements: We’ve made numerous changes to improve the performance and stability of the application.

Version v1.2 – Released 02/14/19

  • Support for additional reports: Spending Summary, Spending Detail, Tax Category, and Sales Tax.
  • Reports now drive off of filters, rather than requiring data to be consolidated into a single folder.
  • Items are now marked as reviewed whenever they are viewed in the item detail view, unless there are data warnings (i.e. incomplete mileage entries, etc.).

Version v1.1 – Released 01/18/19

  • Enabled the integration with QuickBooks Desktop.
  • CSV export now supports all item types, not just receipts, as well as includes all primary fields for each item type.
  • Addition of link to release notes in the footer of the application.