Simplify Tax Prep.

Our tax solution tags expenses and retains records to maximize deductions and audit-proof your business.

Report on Tax Categories

Assign the appropriate tax category to each document to make tax reporting a breeze. Use Neat’s report wizard to create reports by tax category, sales tax, vendors, and more. Images of your financial documents are included in each report.

Audit-Proof Your Business

Neat can eliminate audit risks and missed deductions by capturing, storing and making searchable all receipts, expenses, invoices and other financial documents.  Archived safe and secure with 256-bit bank level encryption, Neat will retain images of transaction documents for easy reconciliation, tax filing, and audit protection.

Neat's receipt management software integrates with Quickbooks

Integrate With Tax Software

You can share folders directly with your accountant or export data and document images into your tax or accounting software. Map expenses a single time to match your QuickBooks preferences with coding for vendors, categories, payments, employees, projects, classes, locations, and products so incoming data will already be coded properly. Export tax categories, expenses, and more to tax software like TurboTax and eliminate the need to key in data from expense documents.

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Simplify Collaboration

Want to share an item or an entire folder? You can email items directly from Neat. Every item and folder in Neat also allows you to add and receive comments, making collaboration a breeze! 

Commenting and collaboration
Simplify Accounting With Automated Receipt Capture And Entry.