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What’s more rewarding than doing great work and getting paid? 

This free invoice template is blank and ready for your branding. The template will automatically calculate your line item totals, taxes, and then sum it all up for you. 

One quick save and your invoice will be email ready.

Download your free invoice template (Excel)
Download your free invoice template (Google Sheets)

How to use this invoice template

Every cell in this invoice template is editable. Avoid modifying any field that has a formula to ensure proper tax and total calculations.

Step 1

Insert all your business information in the top right corner. Click the “Insert your logo” box to change the picture to your logo.

On the left side, insert your customer’s information.

Step 2

Enter your billable items. If you bill hourly, enter the number of hours under “QUANTITY” and then your hourly rate.

For project, milestone, or product billing, enter the cost of the item sold in the price column and how many that your customer purchased in the “QUANTITY” column.

Step 3

Add the tax rate in the last column for your billables so the template can calculate the total amount with tax for your line items.

The template will total every line item in the “TOTAL” section.

Step 4

Add any note you wish to send to your customer in the “NOTES” section. Perhaps a thank you message and a list of accepted forms of payment.

NeatInvoices offers online payment processing for credit cards and bank transfers.

Step 5

When you’re ready, save your template, name it something descriptive with a timestamp, your business name, and your client’s business name (e.g. ConsultingInvoice 10-14-21 Neat ABCCompany).

Attach the invoice to an email and send! If you use NeatInvoices, this part is done for you.

Invoice template example
Download your free invoice template (Excel)
Download your free invoice template (Google Sheets)

NeatInvoices™ – Even easier than invoice templates

NeatInvoices is a free invoice tool that not only sends invoices directly to your customers but also has a ton of features that help you get paid and save you time.

Invoice reminders by Neat

Invoice reminders

Send professional reminders to your customers to ensure you get paid on time.


Discounts & tax calculation

Add tax or discounts to your services and products quickly.


Custom branding

Make your invoice represent your company with custom colors, logos, and branding.

Invoice templates vs. NeatInvoices™

Invoice Template NeatInvoices
Direct emailing to clients
Accept online payments with credit cards and bank transfer right on the invoice

Invoice reminders
View invoice receipts
Send invoices from a mobile device

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