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Small Business Resources

A Post-Work Relaxation Guide for Business Owners

While rewarding, running a business is extremely challenging, not to mention stressful. Any business owner can agree that their brain is continuously going at a hundred miles an hour – […]

Why Cyber Security Strategies Matter for Small Businesses in 2021

Warning: Your small business is under attack. Did that get your attention? Ok, while a tad dramatic, the fact that 43% of all cyberattacks target small businesses underlines that cybersecurity […]

Customer Retention Strategies to Keep Your Recent Holiday Gains

What good is your holiday revenue surge if sales go right back to normal after Dec. 25? Who wants to hustle as hard as you did in November and December, […]

January Returns: How to Handle Reverse Logistics (for Online Business Owners)

Do you dread customer returns, or do reverse transactions excite you? Understandably, most business owners love the thrill of sales — and prefer not to think about how to undo […]

2020’s Real Holiday Shopper Persona Examples (and How to Connect with Them)

Consumer spending has continued to outperform economists’ expectations. Despite 2020’s pandemic, U.S. shoppers still intend to spend more this year on holiday shopping than ever before, according to researchers at […]

3 Seasonal Employment Strategies for History’s Most Unique Holiday Season

Are you new to hiring for the holiday season? Retailers know the December seasonal employment scramble. But this year, businesses across all sectors are tuning their talent management plans—because the […]

Holiday Customer Demand has Changed: How Small Businesses Can Meet People Where They Are

Smart business leaders are taking note as consumer behavior shifts to satisfy the market’s newest wants and needs — especially now that the holidays are here. Nearly 60% of consumers […]

Lifelines and Leverage: SMB Capital Lending Options and What to Know Before You Commit

Small-business owners (SMBs) can use debt to do one of two things: stay afloat during turbulent times or exploit opportunities to achieve exciting growth. If you’re doing one or the […]

Inspiring Business Stories: 5 Companies that Survived Tough Financial Times

A pandemic is not the only crisis that can thwart a business’s financial success. Calamitous accidents, mismanagement, economic volatility, and other hazards can threaten your company’s trajectory. The good news […]

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