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Small Business Resources

Small Business Tax Relief, Grants, Loans, and More: Resources for Financial Help in 2020 and Beyond

The average small business (<500 employees) has less than a month’s worth of cash on hand. If that describes your company, then it’s imperative you know what to do when […]

Why and How to Track Business Expenses Separately from Personal Spending

Most small business owners use their personal money to get their business off the ground. In fact, funding your business with personal cash is widely accepted and even encouraged in […]

Blunders, Bottlenecks, and Bloat: 9 Surprising Ways Small Businesses Waste Money on Operating Costs

Businesses are like engines. To produce, your company consumes. And like a more efficient engine, your business can produce the same output while consuming — that is, spending — less. […]

The Importance of Work-Life Balance for Small Business Owners
The Importance of Work-Life Balance for Small Business Owners

Building your business from the ground up is a huge accomplishment, and with it being your passion, it can be easy for the barriers between your personal and professional life […]

How to improve your customer support - The Neat Company Blog for Small Business Resources
Ask the Expert: How to Improve Your Customer Support

According to SCORE, 40% of small businesses believe that customer experience helps retention and is their top growth strategy. At Neat, we definitely agree, which is why we believe in […]

What You Need to Know About Google’s E-A-T Algorithm
What You Need to Know About Google’s E-A-T Algorithm

If you’re a small business owner, you’ve heard it over and over again: It’s important to convince Google your small business website is credible. Unless you’re a search engine optimization […]

4 Cybersecurity Tips for Remote Work - Featured Image
4 Cybersecurity Tips for Remote Work

With the somewhat chaotic introduction of remote work, many companies were unable to take the time to create proper cybersecurity protocols. Although companies have a great deal of control while […]

Calculate the ROI of Buying a Business - Featured Image - The Neat Blog
How to Calculate ROI Before Buying a Business

Founding a startup company can lead to excitement and rewards. On the other hand, if you want a way to own a small business with all of the rewards and […]

We’ll tell you how we faced a new digital environment, revamped our product to meet customer needs, and reassessed who our target customer was.
How to Evolve with Your Customers

Your business’s health depends on keeping customers and attracting new ones. But as new technology hits the market, the economy changes (hello, global pandemic), or your customers’ expectations change, how […]

7 Tips for Better Small Business Communication - The Neat Blog - Featured Image
7 Tips to Improve Your Small Business Communication in 2020 and Beyond

Internal communication is a key success factor for nearly 79% of organizations, and yet 29% of employees believe their current internal communication tools aren’t working. If you’re not focused on […]

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